The advantages and disadvantages of using your hot tub during the winter

There’s an ongoing argument about whether hot tubs are better enjoyed during the summer or the winter. 

More often than not hot tubs are associated with summer weather and a lot of people make the most of their hot tub in the sun and then close it down for the winter. But, may disagree and say that a hot tub is best appreciated during the winter. 

There’s no right or wrong, a hot tub can be used at any point throughout the year but here we outline the main advantages and disadvantages to using your hot tub during the winter. 


During the winter you can see the warmth of the hot tub in the air and surely there’s nothing better than having a nice soak in the tub on a cold winter’s day, right?

Escape the cold 

Winter is frustrating because the cold weather can be restricting and even when wearing all your winter layers it’s hard to enjoy being outside without getting very cold. A hot tub provides the perfect way to escape the cold whilst relaxing and enjoying the beauty of your garden or the nature around you without having to wrap up. 

Soothe your aching muscles

In winter we can often become a lot more tense, stressed and achy due to the cold weather and everything that comes with it. Slouching in big jumpers, shovelling snow, scraping the ice off our cars and tensing when outside in the cold can all contribute to aching muscles. A soak in the hot tub after a long, chilly day can help to relax your muscles and take away the aches and pains. 

Helps fight off a cold

When winter hits, so does the dreaded lurgy and sometimes it’s impossible to avoid. But, did you know that a warm soak in your hot tub can actually help to fight off a cold? The hot water and steam can help to clear your sinuses and relax your chest and lungs. If you’re experiencing a fever, however, it’s best to avoid a dip in the hot tub as this can cause dizziness. 


A soak in the hot tub on a cold winters day sounds perfect but there are a few disadvantages and extra precautions you need to take. 

The walk back inside

It may seem all lovely and relaxing whilst you’re in the hot tub but then at some point you must get out and when you do the cold can be quite a shock and there’s the dreaded walk back to the house. This means you need to be extra prepared and make sure you have something absorbent and warm to layer yourself in when getting out. 

You must invest in a good cover

If you’re planning on using your hot tub during the winter months you will need to invest in a good, high-quality hot tub cover. You need to make sure it’s well insulated and has a tight-fitting seal so that your hot tub will maintain a constant high temperature and doesn’t freeze over. If the water levels drop too low some of the components might freeze and this can cause serious damage to your hot tub. 

The weather won’t always permit hot tub time

During the winter, weather can be unpredictable, heavy rain is more frequent and snow can also occur. This means some days you may not be able to use the hot tub and sometimes hot tub time might be cut short due to a sudden downpour of flurry. 

There’s nothing wrong with using your hot tub during the winter to keep you feeling warm and refreshed just be sure to take the extra precautions needed. 


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