The amazing world of interior rendering and 3d walkthrough

Architects and builders around the globe are a canny lot nowadays.  In days of yore, people would be satisfied with simple 2d images of the flat or the apartment that they are prospecting to buy. They want slick and beautiful 3-dimensional images that will give them the exact depiction of the dimensions of the building, as well as, immaculate representation of other aspects of the construction that is being considered. It is no wonder that architects and floor designers have begun to depend on well-developed computer imagery for meeting their design and representation needs.


Interior rendering

As the name implies, this is a technique that specializes in depicting the interiors of a building, including the floor plans, placement of walls, as well as interior fittings and fixtures that make a room complete and provide an idea of how the room looks like. This also incorporates information about the placement of electrical boards and special features of the room like recesses for wardrobes, placement of fans. These representations are extremely life-like and also provide info on colour schemes and presence of windows, columns and the like, which are important from the space management and representation perspective.


3d walkthrough

3-dimensional images are extremely useful in this day and age because these have become the new standard as far as the construction business is concerned. If you go to any of the realty offices, you are more likely than not to chance upon displays of 3d walkthrough of the apartments or commercial spaces that are on offer. These walkthroughs provide a 3d animation based representation of the construction and provide an effect as if someone if escorting you in through the front door, into the rooms – be it bedrooms, drawing or dining room, peeking into the kitchen, the common areas and even the bathrooms in the apartment. It does not matter whether the flat is a studio flat or a sprawling 4-bedroom flat. What matters is the kind of realistic depiction that is bound to awe the viewer.


The benefits of using computers for 3d representation are many. For one, the flexibility of design is so awe-inspiring that you are limited only by the width and richness of your imagination. You can design and redesign the construction as per your choice and as many times as you want. You can also store the interior rendering versions and multiple ones at that. The accuracy of these drawings is fantastic and mind boggling, making it infinitely more appealing as compared to 2d drawings that are all so primitive viewed through the lens of contemporary technological advancements.  At the same time, the technology is far more widespread so that you do not need to go far or wide to avail its easily accessible and widely available benefits.

Getting 3d images for your building project is quite a walk in the park in terms of ease of access and availability. You can also get customized solutions online to meet all your requirements at very reasonable price points.


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