The Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

If you’re in the market for a new bed, then there is no doubt you’ve come across adjustable beds. These are often called electric beds and feature a bevy of features designed to help increase the comfort of your sleep. So, what exactly are these adjustable beds and is one right for you? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons that these beds offer.

Two Categories of Adjustable Beds

When people refer to “adjustable” or “electric” beds they tend to lump them all together, but in fact, there are two main categories of these beds. Profiling beds are meant to offer the maximum amount of flexibility, features, number of positions, and variable postures. In general, these tend to be best for those who have health or medical needs. They can be controlled electrically or manually while lying in the bed.

On the other side of things are lifestyle beds, which basically allow for one function – to easily sit up. They make it possible for the user to watch TV, read, or even work on a laptop in a sitting position. Outside of this feature, they don’t have anything else. There is no way to adjust the height or sleep position of these beds.

Taking a Closer Look at Profiling Beds

Now that we’ve determined what a profiling bed is, you can break it down even further and divide profiling beds into three main categories. These are the two-part adjustable beds, which allow the upper section to be raised; three-part adjustable beds that allow the upper section to raise, plus an area at the knee; and then there are four-part adjustable beds that can be adjusted in the upper section, the knees, and feature a flat section intended for sitting on.

Add-On Features for Adjustable Beds

Besides the bed being adjustable, there are also features you can add on that can make it more functional, comfortable, or helpful. These features include such things as a massage function, drop-down bed rails, handrails, and the ability to raise the bed up and down to make getting in and out of it easier. Keep in mind, the more you add on to your bed, the higher the cost will be.

Weighing up the benefits

Just like with any bed, adjustable beds have their own list of pros and cons. Not only that, there are some that can benefit more than others by investing in an electric bed.

Pros include the fact that you can operate the bed easily with an electric handset, these beds can help relieve pain and other conditions caused by a medical issue, you can choose your own position, and the height adjustment makes it easier to get in and out of. On the downside, these beds are very heavy and take up more space than a non-adjustable bed.

Typically, the people who would benefit the most from this style of bed are those with mobility problems, people who have circulatory/respiratory problems, are on bed rest for long periods at a time, or have arthritis/back pain/or sciatica.

We hope that this will give you some inspiration or help you decide if an adjustable bed is right for you.


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