The Best Indoor Plants For Gardening In My Unfinished Home

Growing an indoor garden is not as easy as it seems, but indoor gardening becomes a lot easier if you put in a little bit of effort. The indoor plants are easy to grow as they can withstand lousy light, erratic temperatures, and unregulated watering. 

They will thrive in offices, dorm rooms, and even in the corner of your room. We have compiled a list of the best indoor plants for a new gardener that is tough to kill. You do not need a balcony or terrace for them as they can grow right inside your home. 

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Areca Palm

It is a leafy plant that can be grown anywhere in the house and not in direct sunlight. The leaves will turn yellow if it gets too much direct sunlight. It usually grows up to seven ft in height. One needs to put it in a small container, and the crowded roots will limit its height. It acts as a humidifier, and even watering is the key to maintaining moist soil.  

Golden Pothos Vine

The Golden Pothos is one of the most popular hanging plants known for its huge yellow and green colored leaves. It is a typical houseplant, and if kept in a container, it will grow aggressively with just minimum care. It is said that they can easily root in only a glass of water. If adequate care is taken of this plant, then it will develop large and mature leaves. 

Spider Plant

A fully grown spider plant looks beautiful, indeed. The plant can be grown quickly in containers and baskets, and the arching leaves look magnificent when they are fully grown. The spider plant looks good when they are hung inside the room or in the balcony. It is easy to care for as they are not strict about light, temperature, and water. 

English Ivy

It is a good filtration plant as it helps to clear the fecal matter particles in the air. The only thing it needs is a bright light so that it looks fresh. The only downside is that the plant may attract pests if it does not receive adequate sunlight. The Ivy is not fond of standing water, so it needs even and careful watering. It may seem a difficult plant to take care of, but, in reality, it is a great plant even for the novices. 

Snake Plant

The Snake plant is very tough, and although they prefer plenty of light, they can tolerate low light conditions with ease. They can thrive in an office environment and are not fussy about watering. The leaves look like a sword and since the main clump can be smoothly divided, repotting is easy and necessary. 

Aloe Vera

It is a popular plant as it helps to clean benzene from the air. Aloe Vera is very popular for skincare, so it is an excellent house plant. The plants need to be watered only when the soil is dry, and you should always keep this plant in the window where it can get good sunlight. 


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