The Best Interior Design Trends That Are Shaping 2020

2019 marked the end of dark wood cabinets and the domination of grey on interior walls. It was the year that brought to an end a decade of exciting (some not so much exciting) interior design trends. We are now in 2020- a new decade with new design possibilities. If you are buying a new home this year or you wish to redesign your existing home, it is important that you first understand the best interior design trends that are shaping 2020. Here are a few of those:

1. Sustainability will be a key consideration when choosing interior décor materials

The world is gravitating towards eco-friendliness and sustainability. There is more design sensibility and ecological consciousness in 2020 than ever witnessed before. Along these lines, interior design materials today and in the decade to come will mostly feature sustainably harvested, eco-friendly materials. Plastic décors might have seen their best days already, and will soon be replaced by acacia and rattan, among other sustainable materials. Homeowners will also be keen on decors that are energy-efficient, locally-sourced, and recyclable. 

Speaking of sustainability and eco-friendliness, this trend will shape not only the interior décor but also the exteriors. Eco-friendly siding, for example, will be a key trend going forward. If you are planning a major overhaul in your home, it will be great if you hire a siding contractor who is keen on being environmentally friendly with your siding. 

2. Vintage accents will make a comeback

Vintage accents that ruled in the 1800s and 1900s are already finding their way back to home décor trends. Some of the traditional detailing that is already in people’s living rooms includes spindles and spooled furnishings. Vintage is, indeed, coming around.

3. Muted neutrals will have their moment

Neutrals are arguably the most timeless of all interior décor features. We cannot rule out the resurgence of bold colors over the recent years, but we can predict that super soft neutrals will be making a strong statement in 2020 and the decade ahead. De-saturated camel, faded putty, and slight hints of cream are some of the muted neutrals that are gradually claiming their place in the indoor color spectrum. These colors are proving to be beautiful, elegant, and serene, more than the color combinations of the 2010s.

4. Commercial interior design will be more open to experimenting and changing

Commercial interior design has been gravitating towards the simple beauty of the mid-century interior design. This trend will continue in 2020 and beyond. We have already started seeing fun patterns and small-scale furniture that’s raised off the floor by gracefully designed legs filling commercial interiors. Playful and relaxed style, warm and fun colors, fun lighting, and patterned tiles will define commercial interior design in 2020. 

5. Bold monochromatic will rule

Exits the unexpected color combinations and pale monochromatic colors of the 2010s, enters bold and daring monochromatic. The society is gravitating towards elegant lifestyles and right at the center of it are indoor colors. Elegant monochromatic colors such as Aubergine, Kelly Green, and Cobalt Blue will be big in 2020.

6. Floral wallpapers will be big

These have been around for a while, but 2020 will be the year when they get a modern update. The pretty flower-power pattern doesn’t seem like fading out any time soon.

7. Handmade décor items will be also trend

As we mentioned, people are gravitating towards environmental conservation. Most handmade décor items are more eco-friendly and recyclable than most mass-made décor items. Besides that, handmade items always have a story to tell- they are made by an artist whose point of view and personality is portrayed on the item. You are able to tap into that point of view when you purchase the item, something that you cannot do with mass-made items.


2020 and the decade ahead will be all about interior designs that can stand the test of time. Longevity, sustainability, and recyclability will be key factors of consideration for most homeowners and professional interior designers. Items that inject charm and that feel classic will also be imperative. If you wish to design a space whose theme feels modern, hot, trendy, and fresh, the 7 predictions above will help you do exactly that. Be sure to inject some character and personality into your design, but be careful not to dilute the current interior design trends.


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