The Best Shades for Your Hotel’s Outdoor Furniture

When sprucing up your hotel design, bear in mind that the color scheme goes beyond picking the right wall coverings, carpets, fabrics, and curtains. The colors you choose should strike a perfect balance between modern and classic. And above all, they should create a “feel good” response to all your guests. So, try to imagine how you can incorporate the following colors into your hotel’s project.

Night Watch Green

Green is a timeless appeal. It isn’t only fresh and current but it can also blend nicely with changing styles. Night Watch Green rises above other options for its deep ties to nature. Plus, it can be used as an accent or a background color.

In this ever-disruptive world, everyone wants to escape to a more serene space- one that’s both protective and beautiful. And Night Watch gives you exactly that. It will make your hotel feel healthy, green, as well as calm.

Incorporating this color into your hotel’s design is an incredible way to capitalize on the current trend of bringing the outdoors inside, then blurring the lines between your outdoor and indoor spaces.

Gen Z Yellow

With the evolving demographics, each generation is inevitably embracing certain trends that set the tone for design choices. And one of the emerging colors that has earned a place in a trendsetting home and hotel décor is what’s often referred to as “Gen Z Yellow”.

It’s tricky naming a color based on evolving demographics, but each new generation inevitably embraces certain trends that set the tone for design choices.

This color can fall at color points ranging from golden, to sunny yellow, fluorescent, peachy yellow, mustardy, and canary. You really don’t want to bombard your visitors with a snazzy shade that dominates the entire space. In that case, think of Gen Z Yellow as a color for accenting small bathroom counters, customer dressers, and side-table veneers.

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet, when used properly, acts as a dramatic and provocative shade that can communicate originality as well as visionary future. Even more, you can take the ultraviolet to your Indoor Hotel Furniture. It will work like magic.

This purple can be an incredible choice for hotels with an entrepreneurial clientele and a high number of tech travelers involved in business startups. Even more, the color alludes to other trends available within the hospitality space, including the mindfulness and wellness trends.

For those seeking refuge from the current over-stimulated world, ultraviolet is the perfect color. It’s often associated with mindfulness and meditation practices as it energizes the communities that assemble there and inspire connection. Moreover, it can be incorporated into the design as a material for furniture and through the use of geodes in the world of art. Both techniques will create the perfect mood for your hotel, making your guests more attracted to your products and services.


Just like nailing the right color pattern for your hotel, getting it right with custom furniture is equally important. And this includes laminate materials for desktops, veneer finishes, desktops, shelving, and even appliances. All these factors can evoke a positive response from your guests the moment they cross that threshold.


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