The Best Tankless Water Heaters in 2021

After acknowledging dozens of guides on the types of such systems, you start the new search.

You may particularly want to buy a tank unit and need recommendations for the brand, average prices, or existing users’ feedback among others. Or, you fell in love with the functionality of tankless units and want to learn more about them. By finding a Noritz contractor, you can be guided on the unit which fits your certain domestic needs. Yet, this review will fit those who wonder about the best tankless water heaters in 2021 particularly. Off we go!

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Top 7 Tankless Water Heaters

Let’s make a quick recap. Tankless water heaters are on-demand units because they provide users with hot water when it is needed only. It will heat water directly without any storage tank. For instance, when your hot water tap is on, cold water passes through a pipe into the system, and an electric element (or gas burner) will heat the water. Therefore, you do not waste time waiting for the tanks to be filled up.

#1 Rinnai RUR160iN Water Heater

This unit comes on a gas supply and is a good fit for those who crave the maximum efficacy.

It features a built-in recirculation pump that returns unused water from the pipes back into the heater. So, there is no actual waste. As for the technical side, it comes with Wi-Fi capability, hence, you can adjust the schedule for the pump using the designated manufacturer’s mobile application. Besides, the water heater will be able to respond to Google Home and Alexa. If needed, Rinnai allows you to adjust the temperature, get alerts on necessary maintenance actions as well as overlook the unit’s performance.

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What about the amounts of water provided? This model is promised to deliver around 9 GPM, which is enough for two showers and running a dishwasher simultaneously.

#2 EcoSmart Eco 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater

This tankless water heater is an option for those people who seek the utmost affordability since the prices start from $400. It may provide you with approximately 4.3 GPM. It works on an electric basis, however, you won’t come across huge electric bills. During the day, it can self-adjust the energy consumption. There is a flow sensor that allows the unit to identify the amount of water needed to heat up at a specific time based on the fixture usually used. Then, it gets used to provide the desired temperature.

The EcoSmart model also comes with digital control for adjusting the temperature. Note, you should opt for this tankless water heater for households of not more than two people.

#3 Rheem RTEX-24

Another and the best tankless water heater powered on electricity is from Rheem. First off, it is worth saying that Rheem is known for its high durability, and capacity. It can deliver up to 6 GPM, for households of 4 people. It costs around $500. You may use it simultaneously for taking shower, as well as running a dishwasher. As for the specifications, it comes with a 99.8% efficiency rating. Regarding the features, the unit comes with self-regulating power output. In simple terms, it can easily identify the requirements for water flow based on faucets and adjust the power output to proceed with the required amounts of hot water.

#4 Bosch Tronic 3000

Look, this option is ideal for its small design. It belongs to the category of point-of-use heaters which are usually installed at a certain water source like the shower or sink and it heats water out there. Tronic 3000 can be allocated inside the cabinet or any other possible concealed place (it just should reach the targeted faucet). It will deliver up to 4 GMP at that fixture, until the moment when hot water from the main heater arrives. In simple terms, it just saves time on long waits and may assist in saving wasted water as well. Why choose it? You won’t need any installation, but just plug the unit and use it.

#5 Takagi T-H3-DV-N 

This model is super cool in terms of efficiency. As per the manufacturer, it can deliver up to 10 GPM of hot water, and supply approximately 4 fixtures simultaneously. Then, this gas water heater can save energy by gathering heat from the exhaust.

To be honest, this brand is known for its durability and reliability. On the other hand, it will be quite hard to find a technician who may troubleshoot the issues. By finding a contractor, you can overlook whether there are services that accept Takagi.

#6 Camplux Enjoy Outdoor

This is a tankless water heater for on the go purposes, because of its portability. You will need to connect it to a propane tank. In return, you get up to 1.32 GPM of hot water for ordinary purposes like handwashing, or showers. There is battery-powered ignition, so you can grab it with you for camping or other outdoor activities when you go somewhere. It comes with a gas regulator, and showerhead even.

#7 Rinnai V53DeN

Last but not least, this is another model from the Rinnai brand. It delivers around 5.6 GPM of hot water and is designed solely for outdoor purposes and installation, hence, you can save much space inside your household. It can provide you with 2 showers simultaneously. It is compact and energy-efficient. 

That’s it. Please prior to buying any of the above-mentioned tankless water heaters, it is highly recommended to proceed with finding a contractor. Specialists or technicians can come to your household and perform an evaluation of your domestic needs for water. Then, you will have a choice of tankless water heaters that will provide you with enough hot water. Otherwise, you may need tank heaters based on the number of people living with you, or the number of domestic appliances you run per day. If you avoid finding a contractor, you may simply buy a pig in the poke, and waste time and money on upgrades further on.


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