The Daily Life of a Functional Medicine Chiropractor

The daily life of a Functional Medicine Chiropractor is never the same, and nobody knows the type of patients and their problems that would be brought to him.

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The problems that the patients bring may vary, and to address them, functional medicine chiropractors have to use a variety of tools. 

The Chiropractors have to offer care to their patients, which can even range from nose to toes care so that the patient enjoys good health. Along with adjustments in the spine, the Chiropractor might also prescribe different forms of exercises, acupuncture, or other reliable options available.

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Works of a Functional Medicine Chiropractor

In addition to the simple treatment of a patient’s symptoms and concerns, functional medicine chiropractors focus on searching the root cause of the disease and nipping off it in the bud. However, it also requires more significant time and communication than an ordinary doctor has to give. 

The Chiropractor may even casually talk with his patients for a long duration, as much as an hour, to learn that individual’s lifestyle, the environment of living, and genetic factors which can influence his health.

It also includes long appointments. However, Chiropractors also have to ensure that they maintain patience, communication skills, and focusing and concentration abilities. It is what Active Edge Chiropractic & Functional Medicine provides.

Responsibilities of Functional Medicine Chiropractor:

Tests and Examination of Patients

The Chiropractors have to rely on X-Rays and a variety of other lab tests in addition to simple hands-on examination. Therefore, they may be conducted in-house if such facilities are available with the Chiropractors.

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Educating Patient

Along with testing and examination patients, Function Medicine also includes much patient participation in line with Chiropractor’s direction. They also have to spend considerable time listening to the problems of patients as well educating them about the ailments they have and how they could overcome them. Both the Chiropractor and Patients join together in bringing out solutions utilizing changes in diets, sleep patterns, and other such lifestyle factors.


Functional Medicine Chiropractors also use a variety of safe and reliable therapies for optimizing their patients and clients, including acupuncture, changing diet, electric stimulation, etc.

They may see several patients simultaneously; some kept engaged in treatment processes and at the same time provided consultation and advice to other patients and clients. If you are in a state of dilemma on which centre to choose among the numerous of options, you can consider Active Edge Chiropractic & Functional Medicine as a reliable alternative. 

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Administering their business

Chiropractors also need to take care of their private practice and administer their business correctly and efficiently. Along with practicing and applying for functional medicine, they have to read the test reports, newer problems prevalent in patients, do marketing and accounting of their business. A typical Functional Medicine Chiropractor has to see about 20 to 30 patients a day which clearly shows how busy a day is in the lives of Chiropractors.

If the above holistic and functional medicine approach appeals to you, do give Active Edge Chiropractic & Functional Medicine a chance.  


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