The design does not stop with furniture: how plants can give the finishing touch

When designing your home, a lot of effort is being put into the architecture and interior design.

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The latter focuses on the elements used such as stone, glass, tiles, and things such as furniture. However, an important element is often left out: plants. With large indoor plants, you can create a completely different atmosphere that is both stylish, healthy, and good for the air quality. What is not to love about stylish large indoor plants? Of course, you need to take into account several factors when selecting the right plants.

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Balance design with green

The design of your home is the number one determinant for the selection of your plants. Do you want a cozy feel or a modern look? Want to create an open space or several smaller spaces from one room? This can have an impact on the size of the plants you select. There are dozens of websites that provide advice on plant species in combination with design styles. Make sure to conduct your research before selecting the plants you like.

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Take maintenance into account

While some plants look beautiful, they can come with lots of maintenance. Some people love to take care of their plants, while others do not. Do take it into account in the selection process. With the current covid measures, it can be good to start improving your gardening skills. It is not only good for your plant but also helps you to become more relaxed and boosts your energy. This will help you in your work while maintaining a nice work-from-home atmosphere.

Smaller plants are another option

If you desire to have several smaller plants in your house, there are many options to explore. Do you like exotic plants? A bonsai tree is famous for its appearance but does come with high maintenance. If you have green fingers or want to grow them, this plant is an ideal option to start. There are many guides on the internet to grow your bonsai. Another popular option that many people are trying during the lockdown days is growing an avocado tree. This requires skills and patience and can take yours to become mature. The plant looks nice and exotic and can be a nice addition to your interior.

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You could also go for flowers

Flowers are beautiful, but often undesirable. Their lifespan is relatively short, resulting in a large portion of people shifting towards fake flowers to include colors in their homes. Another option is the use of flower bulbs. When planting these bulbs, the lifespan of the flowers is longer as they first need to bloom. Besides that, it is a nice activity as you see the complete blooming process unfold right in front of you. With some proper nurturing you will have beautiful flowers in your home for a longer time. 


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