The Design Inspiration Between Luxury Items

Over the years, fashion trends have changed, just the way interior design trends are changing in 2020.

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From the days of bell-bottom jeans to every fashion trend that has popped up since then, there has been a correlation between the fashion trends per time and luxury items available.

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Luxury items play a major role in setting the pace for what fashion will look like at every point in history. This is what gives rise to the trends, as many people begin to plunge into what’s in-vogue at the moment. So in a nutshell, luxury items inspire and influence fashion trends in no small way.

Here is how this happens:

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#1 Through Influencers

One thing is common among successful people and influencers in many fields; they usually do not like to be dressed in materials and fashion pieces that can easily be obtained in the market. This is why most times, they go for luxury and limited edition materials. 

When they make these moves, followers, and fans, in a bid to connect with the influencers they look up to, tend to jump on this bandwagon and would usually want to wear whatever it is the influencers wear. As this happens over time, these luxury items and fashion pieces begin to become mainstream, and with the passage of time and as more people begin to wear them, they become fashion trends. 

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#2 Through influencer Marketing

Most luxury items are expensive; it is a no-brainer. As a result of this, the average person who is not as financially buoyant may not be inclined toward purchasing these luxury items for themselves. However, influencer marketing can play a major role in making fashion accessories and clothing begin to trend. 

Influencer marketing occurs when a person who has a significant amount of influence in a field (influence) actively campaigns for the people he has influence over to purchase a product. This could either be done for free (when the influencer has used the product, is convinced that more people should use it as well, and decides to spread the word without being paid by the manufacturers to do so), or it could be paid marketing. 

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When this happens, the spotlight shines on the product which the influencer is marketing. As a result, many more people become inclined toward getting it and as the number of purchases on the luxury product increases, it gradually becomes a part of the fashion trend at the time. 

#3 The Fear of Missing Out

This is a popular marketing terminology, and it is used to describe that feeling that envelopes people when they feel as though they are about to pass on an amazing opportunity to do something they would want to do. 

Everyone wants to have a taste of what is good, and those who can easily afford luxury products are not left out either. 

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Here’s a classical example;

Wealthy people, when in social gatherings of the elite, tend to keep their eyes open for the best accessories and luxury items. For some reason, they all would want to be the center of attention. When one of these people sees another person who has a luxury item (like an Omega wristwatch) on, he may want to purchase the item for himself. Using the example of a luxury watch the purchasing process is now made easier via the internet and it has never been easier to buy certified Omega watches online, this level of accessibility means fashion trends can take hold far more quickly. 

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The reason for the purchase may not be to satisfy a tangible desire but maybe a result of the fear of missing out; on the statement of social standing, and the attention that comes from being the owner of such a luxury item. 

If the item is worth it, and enough elite people want to have theirs as well, it may not take a long time for a significant number of people to purchase it and define a new fashion trend. 


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