The Essentials: How To Decorate Your Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom is considered your comfortable haven where you rest and sleep. That’s why when decorating your master bedroom, you should consider setting a calming and peaceful ambiance in terms of lighting, wall paint, decors, pillows, bedding, and other essentials. As much as possible, you want to invite sleep for a restful night, so you’ll have full of energy the next morning.  

Below are the essential decorating tips you might consider for your master bedroom. 

Make a Comfortable Bed

A comfortable bed is an essential key to a good night’s sleep. If you have a very old bed for about five years, you might start noticing the signs of wear and tear, such as sagging and loss of usual or ideal mattress firmness level. 

Replacing an outdated mattress will benefit you health-wise because a bad mattress may cause posture problems and sleeping difficulty. If you don’t have the funds to buy a new mattress, you can make your mattress more comfortable by investing in a gel-cooling memory foam topper. 

Here are some tips and tricks when making a comfortable bed:

  • Invest in a Good Pillow: Did you know that a high-quality pillow is life-changing? It provides the utmost comfort to your master bedroom. 

Choose one that’s filled with medium-firm support and high-quality microfiber and memory foam. The National Sleep Foundation highly recommends changing pillows every two years to avoid neck problems.

  • Stay Warm with Fleece Blanket: During the winter, the fleece blanket is extremely comfortable. It’s also machine-washable, shrink-resistant, easy to care, and durable.
  • Use a Silk Pillowcase: Silk equates to luxury and comfort. It’s hypoallergenic and creates a blissful sleeping environment. Also, it’s a perfect solution for humid and hot summer nights because silk has a cooling effect. 


It’s essential to get your master bedroom a great lighting design for a more comfortable living space. Because your bedroom is one area of the home that you mostly spend time in, ensure that there’s adequate lighting at all times.

Here’s a quick bedroom lighting guide: 

  • Ambient Lighting: It includes artificial lighting or natural lighting through skylights or large windows. Ambient lighting allows you to perform general tasks, such as cleaning, making the bed, or folding clothes. 

Ceiling fixtures, like chandeliers, ceiling lights, flush-mount, and pendant lights, provide adequate artificial ambient light to your master bedroom. 

  • Task Lighting: This lighting is best for activities requiring a bit more focus, such as applying makeup, working, or reading. 

It includes traditional desk task lights, bedside table lamps, sconces, low hanging pendants (side of the bed), or wall-mounted task lights (side of a headboard). 

  • Accent Lighting: It draws your attention to highlight features in your bedroom, such as artwork. Incorporate this type of lighting in your bedroom using recessed lighting, wall sconces, or tape lights.
  • Dimmers: This lighting is important in every master bedroom to help you transition from a bright light source to a more relaxed sleep mode by using dimmers. 

Dimmers are essential in your bedroom design since it adds an extra dimension, functionality, and sets the mood. 

Carpet and Floor Design

It’s important to have clean floors in every bedroom. The second most popular choice when it comes to bedroom flooring is hardwood flooring. Genuine hardwood is beautiful, durable, and relatively warm. 

While a lot of homeowners want hardwood floors in many areas of the house, some people like carpeted bedrooms because of the softer surface, making it the most preferred choice for the master bedroom.

Designing your bedroom using a carpet is a great idea. If you’re confused between using a lighter color than the walls, remember, bedrooms usually receive plenty of natural light. This would show a carpet’s true color. Rooms that are located on the north side should have carpets with a lighter shade to keep them from looking darker. 

Here are some tips when choosing the best carpet for your master bedroom:

  • If you want a safe option that’ll match any décor or wall colors, choose a neutral-colored carpet, like gray, brown, gray, and tan. 
  • Avoid white carpets because they’re not good at hiding dirt. 
  • Transform your bedroom by decorating it with the most beautiful carpet designs. Don’t’ hesitate to buy one with abstract prints or geometric shapes.
  • The two most popular carpet materials are polyester and nylon. Polyester carpet is stain-resistant and soft, while nylon provides more color options and is very durable. 


Decorating a master bedroom should prioritize making the bed more comfortable for the best rest and sleep mode, which is what all people want to achieve at night. Also, lighting plays a crucial role in performing your tasks efficiently before bedtime. Lastly, you’ll need to maintain a clean floor with a great carpet design for a more comfortable and beautiful master bedroom.


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