The Great Outdoors – Bringing Interior Decor Principles to Your Patio

Do you have an outdoor area that is of little use? Is it a blank canvas because you don’t know what to do with it?

For many of us, our outdoor spaces and backyards seemed to be the place where we put the barbecue, the clothesline and an empty lawn. Well, not anymore.

Nowadays, our outdoor areas are more than just a seating area on the back porch. They are almost an extension of our houses, a place for entertaining and relaxation.

Now here are some ways to bring interior style to your outdoor area and create a second living space in the exterior of your home.

Create some shade:

While there is no harm in enjoying the sunshine, you aren’t quite enjoying your outdoor space if you’re baking like a hot prawn in the sun.

A great way to create functional shade is to install outdoor blinds for your patio area. Track – guided blinds, like Ziptrak blinds, help to guard against harsh glare and all means of weather elements from UV to a cold night.

This means that you can be outside on a sunny day and still feel like you’re in the stylish interior of your own living room. Great isn’t it?

Furniture arrangement:

When it comes to outdoor furniture, how many of us have a simple dining table? Creating a functional yet cosy and welcoming living space is often about how you arrange and place your furniture within it.


There is no reason why the interior principles of this can’t apply to your outdoor area. When arranging your furniture, picture it as if it is your lounge room.

According to The Pool and Spa Warehouse, much like your living room, place the longest piece against the far wall. This creates more space, making sure that it isn’t claustrophobic or cramped.

Have a focal point:

When you want to create a welcoming and relaxed area, it’s a great idea to start with a point of focus in order to have an idea of how to plan your space. This part of the interior design can be just as useful when designing your outdoor patio

Whether it is arranging a lounge area as the gathering point for conversation or the dining section off the kitchen, this will help you outline zones such as dining, relaxation and the garden.

This can make your patio a much more cosy and harmonious area, helping to create that sense of an “outdoor living room.”

Make warmth an inviting feature:

As mentioned in the previous tip, having a focal point can really define your space. Well, there is no better gathering place to feel comfortable on a chilly evening than a place of warmth.

Who knows the picture of huddling around a gas heat lamp? Well, with fire pits being all the rage these days, you can bring the warmth in and give your design a great starting point.

Stephen John, contributor to Business Insider, has some great tips on the best fire pits in terms of cost, which of those produce the best heat and what is in style.

Add some living details:

While for most, the patio runs off the greenery of the backyard, there is no harm in inviting the outdoors in.

Gardening Know How has some great tips on how some well-selected plants, such as begonias and hibiscus, which suit this area well, can add that little extra detail to your patio.  

Now there are some of the design principles that you can apply to your outdoor area to make it more inviting and how you can enjoy it all year round.


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