The Guardian Towers, Spectacular Architecture in Abu Dhabi

The Guardian Towers are two amazing 19-storey towers located in Danet Au Dhabi, a luxurious complete community in the heart of Abu Dhabi city centre, the capital of the United Arab Emirates which never ends to impress us with its spectacular architecture. Envisioned in 2011 by one of the world’s most progressive architectural studios – LAB Architecture Studio in association with ERGA progress, the Guardian Towers are the example that confirm the rule.

Their exterior façade is shaped by a distinctive sliced and shifted geometry that look like some broken mirrors, giving the impression that at any moment they may fall. It’s dynamic and elegant in relation to the whole ensemble. The amazing mixed-use towers offer office spaces, residences, retail outlets and related services over 53,800 sqm. One of the two is residential and the other is a commercial office one, both being linked by a 2-level retail podium.

Thought in every details, the double-skin facade hasn’t only an aesthetic role for the residential tower, but also a functional one that responds to the capricious weather climate of Abu Dhabi, protecting from direct solar penetration the recessed windows and balcony doors. All their five-star facilities and services are engineered for our peace of mind and assure us relaxing and great moments.


Photos: © Javier Callejas Sevilla- source


Project details:

Location: Danet Abu Dhabi – Al Qudra, United Arab Emirates
Architects: LAB Architecture Studio in association with ERGA Progress
Design Team: Donald Bates, Oliver Hunt, Peter Davidson, Joseph Sawaya, Faris Hammady
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 53,800 sqm
Client: Guardian Real Estate

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