The Impact of Daylighting on Office Design

It’s always a good idea to bring as much daylight as possible into every closed space you spend a lot of time in. Since we spend about a fourth of our lives working, usually in an office, it’s only reasonable that workspace should be basking in daylight to help us be healthier and happier. Office designers are insistent on bringing more natural light in the workplace, especially because doing so has given numerous positive results about which we’ll talk today.

Let’s Talk about the Economics


If you want to go to the utilitarian side of things straight away, it’s important to mention how using the full potential of daylighting can significantly reduce the electric bills for your offices. This can work two ways – either you make sure that the office space is incredibly well lit and can use maximum daylight, or you install daylight-sensing lighting systems, that go on and off according to the amount of daylight outside. The latter option is pricier of course, and it can have a downside because of the system glitches which can end up using up more electricity. On the other hand, making sure there are plenty of windows all over the office will downsize electricity bill from 20% up to 40%, and that is no small amount of money, especially when you think about it long-term.

If You Work In Sales, Daylight Is a Must

Working in sales can be extremely tough, especially for the novices in the niche and having beautifully designed offices that bask in daylight will definitely make their struggles more manageable. What’s more, there are good chances that both your sales’ rates and productivity of your employees will become much better when they’re regularly exposed to daylight in their offices. Percent that shows improvement vary from 3 to a whopping 40%, which is all but negligible. Even if sales aren’t your domain, having such an increase of productivity in the working environment will still make a significant impact you shouldn’t forfeit.

Health and (Day)Light Mood

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Human beings need daylight as much as they need sustenance and healthy sleeping patterns, and not to much surprise, all of these factors are intertwined. Not only will daylight in the office allow your employees to feel more awake and motivated, but it will also help them sleep better because so much light helps them have stable circadian rhythms. People who work in a workspace that is clean and brightly lit have a tendency to feel more satisfied with the work they’re doing, simply because they’re more productive and they feel it. Daylighting will also decrease the impact of stress and pressure in the working environment and people will feel healthier than they would in a closed office with no windows and only electric lighting.

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When you think about daylighting your office, think about how you react when you get out and it’s a beautiful sunny day and then think about the benefits that feeling of lightness and pleasant mood could bring in an office space. Office designers from office principles are certain that daylighting your offices is one of the smartest moves you can make when you’re seeking to create a positive and motivating work environment, and we couldn’t agree more.


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