The Latest Community Homes For Sale South of Downtown Battleground

Moreover, the climate is fairly mild throughout the year.

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Also, there are various ski resorts residents can visit to have a memorable time with their families. There are newly constructed community homes for sale. Furthermore, the costs of these homes are fairly reasonable at the time. But, the real estate market will boom in no time because of newly constructed community homes.

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Community Homes for Sale in Downtown Battleground

Here are some popular properties available for sale in the latest community homes near Downtown Battleground:

1824 Plymouth

Small families who wish to move near Downtown Battleground can choose an 1824 square foot Plymouth home. The home contains three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Furthermore, the house includes a garage for two cars and a small lawn near the front porch. This 1824-square-foot home has modern as well as traditional designs. There are multiple home designs available for Plymouth community homes in these dimensions. Families who want to move near Downtown Battleground can visit the location for clarity.

1633 Lakeland II

This is another perfect home for small families who want to live in a lavish community. The Lakeland II in Cedar Heights contains two bedrooms and two bathrooms. You can choose from different home designs for the construction and customize the house according to your needs. There is a garage parking that can occupy two cars. This 1633 square foot home contains a den that families can turn into the dining area, TV lounge, or kid’s play area. 

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2023 Windsted

The 2023 Windsted is a double-story home for a medium-sized family. On this 2023 square foot of land, families can build a home with four bedrooms. Furthermore, they can have two large and a small bathroom. There is a garage as well that can accommodate two cars. There are multiple designs available for this home as well. Potential homeowners can contact the real estate in the neighborhood and check the home plan.

2267 Woodbury

The 2267 Woodbury is a two-level home for medium-sized families. The house contains three bedrooms and a large garage. The garage can accommodate up to three cars. There are two huge and one small bathroom. Furthermore, there is a space for a den as well as a loft. This 2267 square foot home contains a small lawn to spend fun time with the family. The master of the home is on the main floor. This means that two rooms are on the main and one room is on the second level.

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These are a few latest community homes for sale near the South of Downtown Battleground. You can contact the real estate in the neighborhood for more information about the properties. Furthermore, you can choose from modern to traditional home designs according to your preferences.

Moving to this neighborhood won’t be a problem for families because there are various facilities and amenities available. Families moving for the first time might have some challenges with packing. These families should consult a moving service provider or learn packaging methods for effective packing

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