The Latest Sofa Style Trends for Your Living Room

The living room in your house is nothing short of a cheerful and happy zone. It is where the whole family and friends interact and spend time with each other. It is a must that you adorn this section of your home very carefully to bring out the true essence of it. 

You must try to focus on the strong points that can successfully arrange the tone for the design of your living room. However, it is a big decision to select couches and sofas for the office.

 You cannot take a risk on this one investment. In this article, we are presenting some of the trendiest sofa styles just for your living room. Before proceeding further, check out some of the primary points that you must keep in mind while choosing a sofa. 

The Basic 3s while choosing a sofa

There are three essential points that you cannot skip when you want to choose an ideal sofa for your living room. For a complete understanding of sofa requirements, you can rely on Wellington’s fine leather furniture. They expert taste and fabulous quality in sofas and living room accessories. The following basic points are a must to consider while selecting your sofa. 

1. Practicality

There is a little difference between suitability and practicality. It means that not every suitable sofa for your living room would be a convenient choice. For example, you choose an extravagant design that looks superb when you place it in the living room. 

However, the upholstery and fabric lack longevity, and it is also difficult to clean it. Therefore, the sofa is suitable when it comes to your house, but it was not a practical decision to spend so much money on something that lacks longevity. These are significant investments that you want to justify for a longer time. 

2. Longevity

Like we discussed earlier, making a more significant investment means that you will surely expect long term returns against it. The same is the case with sofas and other furniture in your house. Keep your choices and specifications in mind and then look for the one that satisfies both your taste and pocket. 

Apart from the comfort factor, let us also keep in mind all the popular brands and fabrics, such as leather, that is going to last longer than others. You must also see if the material is stain-resistant, easy to clean, and multipurpose, too, in some cases.

3. Comfort + style

Now, this is the most important and ultimate combination to follow while choosing a sofa for your living room. Comfort and style should both get equal importance when you are looking for suitable sofas for your living room. 

Try to find a stylish sofa that is high on comfort too. On top of that, you can look for longevity and practicality in a way to make sure that style and comfort do not fade away too soon. 

Best style trends in 2019

It is finally time to look into some of the best and latest sofa trends of 2019. Take a look at the following before you select one for your house. 

1. Small- scale

You will be amazed to learn that a short and straightforward pink, velvet sofa now tops of the sofa style charts of this year. Décor experts say that velvet is lasting and easy to clean fabric, and it is highly comfortable too.

 The stylish looks of the material and the space-saving quality of a small-scale sofa looks like an ideal investment. The most popular colors of this year, under the velvet category, are millennial pink and night-watch green. 

2. 2-seater classic sofa

Be it in leather or any other classic silhouette, the 2-seater traditional sofa design looks elegant in a small living room. The beautiful wood lining and the fantastic upholstery makes it a classy affair altogether. 

The looks of these kinds of sofas are compact, smart, and neat. Combine the sofa with two single couches on both sides in the same color upholstery. It is simple and yet very stylish.

3. Togo sofa

A Togo sofa is an idea for a modern living room where happier and lighter discussions take place. They look incredibly smart and look best in bright colors. They have a fantastic textural design and are usually multi-layered. There is no wooden or metal lining and hence is cushion-soft from top to bottom. 

4. Curved silhouette

Why stay monotonous when you can take it to the next level? Try out some of the symmetrical designs and curvy shapes to make your living room look more creative. You are going to surprise your guests with such new models, and you can rest assured that they have seen nothing like this. 

5. Convertibles

The convertibles are the most efficient designs when you are looking for something multipurpose. Style combined with high efficiency is what defines these sofa designs. They are also available in several fabrics and colors. 

Therefore, after taking a look at the above sofa designs, your problem is almost sorted. Now you know what to keep in mind and what to look for when deciding on your living room hero. 


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