The most common plumbing services

Plumbing issues can be a pain, especially if they happen at night or at some other inconvenient time. That’s why it pays to always have the contact of a top-quality plumbing services provider like NexGen HVAC & Plumbing. However, even with the services of such a company a call away, it pays to know some of the most common plumbing problems you are likely to encounter so that you can troubleshoot them when they occur. It can help you get emergency plumbing services much quicker. To help you stay up-to-date on plumbing issues, here are the most common plumbing services you need to know about.

1. Dripping faucets repair services

This is one of the most common plumbing issues that most homeowners face, and it’s costly. That’s because, it can run up the water bills, due to wastage. If you face this problem, get in touch with your plumbing service provider and it will be fixed before it causes any more problems. To ensure that this issue does not recur, you need to understand its main causes. Dripping faucets are usually caused by worn out washers. As such, regularly replacing then can save you money in the long run.

2. Blocked bathroom drains services

Unclogging bathroom drains is another issue that might necessitate you to engage a plumbing services company. The main cause of clogged drainage pipes is soap and other stuff that is commonly used in the bathroom. However, before you engage the services of a plumber, you can try and resolve the problem by yourself. One way to do this is to plunge the drain forcefully. This tends to push any jammed materials down the pipe quickly. You can also minimize this problem by cleaning your bathroom regularly. 

3. Blocked toilet services 

This is another problem that may necessitate you to engage the services of a plumbing services company. This problem is usually visible when the bowl fills up when you flush the toilet, instead of draining away. If left unattended, it can mess up your house, and even pose a serious health hazard. Before you call a plumber to help you out with a blocked toilet, start by using a plunger to unblock it. If it doesn’t work, then call a professional plumber to do the job for you. A professional will come with a sewer snake, just in case, the clog is deep inside the drainage system. 

4. Water heater repair services

This is another common reason why you might need the services of a plumber. It is a problem you may not notice until you get in the shower and the water suddenly gets cold. Water heater problems are not easy to handle by yourself, as they require some level of technical expertise. However, you can know the main causes, and deal with them. One of the main causes of this problem is a buildup of sediment in the tank. To avoid it, make it a habit to have someone regularly clean up your water heater tank. Another common cause of this problem is faulty thermostats. This is a problem you can deal with by investing in good quality equipment that is built to last. It may cost you more, initially, but the maintenance costs will be much lower. 

5. Reduced water pressure rectification services

This is a common, and irritating problem that may necessitate you to seek out the services of a plumber. It is also a problem that is quite easy to detect. You will simply notice that the water is trickling out instead of flowing the normal way. There are several possible causes for this problem. The most common one is a leaking pipe. When the pipe leaks, then it affects the pressure, and also reduces the amount of water reaching your tap. A good plumber should easily handle this problem for you. However, there are steps you can take to minimize the problem. One of them is to change your water pipes after a period advised by your plumber. You can also use filters at key water inlets to avoid a situation where sediments build up in your water pipes. 

6. Sink drainage unclogging services

Ever poured water through your sink and it just sticks there, not moving? It’s irritating but you can easily solve it with a good plunge. However, if this doesn’t work, you can engage a plumber to unblock any sediments deep inside the system. To avoid this problem, always ensure that you remove food sediments before forcing water down the drain. It is a simple thing that will save you from costly repairs in the long run. 


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