The most opportune time to change a furnace filter

Furnaces are usually turned on high during colder months. Changing the furnace filters on time is necessary to keep the heating system running in good condition. Here are some of the benefits of timely replacement of the furnace filters:

  • Cleaner, healthier air


A clean filter allows conditioned air to flow into your home. Filters also trap already existing pollutants from indoor air.

  • Optimum air temperature

A clogged filter restricts proper airflow. An insufficient flow of clean air can make indoor air to become stuffy. This can be a huge problem especially when you have guests over at your house.

  • Furnace performance

Poorly maintained filters cause unwanted particles to build up on the heater’s components. This interferes with the overall performance of the heating system. Replacement of furnace filters at the right time ensures that the heater will last longer and with lower maintenance.

Signs that your filter needs replacement

The following signs indicate that your furnace filter needs replacement:

  • A change in color
  • Indoor Stuffiness
  • Dustier indoors

Factors that might influence the frequency of furnace filter replacement

The frequency at which furnace filters might need to be replaced can vary in different homes due to these factors:

Type of the filter

  • The thickness of your filter

Filters come with different thicknesses. Keeping the other factors discussed below in mind, thicker filters last for a longer time without needing replacement.

  • Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value(MERV)

Filters with higher MERV ratings trap more dust particles from the air. They need more frequent replacement than those with a lower rating.  

How dusty is your area

Some locations are dustier than others. If your home is more prevalent to dust from the immediate environment, then you might need to change the filter more often.

  • Time to change the filter: In an area with dusty conditions, one or two-inch filters must not exceed a period of one month without replacement. Thicker filters of about four or five inches can be replaced after three months. The thicker filters can last up to a year without replacement in less dusty areas.

Furry pets

That’s right! Your furry friend can influence how often you need to change the furnace filter. This is because fur may sometimes clog the furnace filters thus damaging them.

  • Time to change the filter: People with pets should go for the thicker filters and replace them after every three months. If you have one pet can, you can replace the filter after six months.

Indoor smoking

As mentioned earlier, filters trap pollutants from the air. Indoor smoking means that the furnace filters will block faster. Most people also keep the door or windows open when smoking. This let’s additional dirt and dust inside the house.

  • Time to change the filter: a higher frequency of indoor smoking reduces the lifespan of your filter.  A thick filter can last for up to twelve months in a household with no smoker. This same filter will need replacement after three months in a household with smokers.


Allergies and respiratory conditions

People with allergies and respiratory conditions might need to replace their filters more often.


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