The Most Stylish Home Design in Canada in 2022

Canada is considered one of the most popular destinations for expats.

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Due to its affluent and safe cities coupled with several wide-open spaces, it’s undeniable that Canada remains among the most secure and happiest nations across the globe. Moreover, it’s also the best destination for you to settle down with your family.

If you’re thinking of pursuing permanent residence in Canada, it’s best to seek the help of immigration lawyers for Canada to help you through the entire process conveniently. After which, you can now proceed to the next step in your residency: finding a home where you can stay comfortably.

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Now, settling for a residency or a home isn’t easy work; Since it’s the place where you can freely rest, lounge, and attend to your personal matters, it’s a must that your home must be pleasing and cozy enough to stay in. With 2022 having just commenced, it may be a good idea to venture into new styles and trends when it comes to home designs and decors. Of course, not only does it make the appearance of the entire house much better, but it’s also a way for you to avoid potential disrepair claim by constantly increasing the value of the home.

For this reason, here are some trending home designs and styles in Canada that you’ll definitely want to check out.

Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

1. Captivating Curve Appeals

One of the most important things that should never be overlooked when it comes to living spaces is that comfort is key. One of the most stylish home designs in 2022 is a living room donned with plenty of curves and soft edges. From sectionals or sofas with rounded structures to headboards with arched silhouettes in the bedroom, you’ll definitely feel like your home is your personal oasis, giving you much room for relaxation and comfort.

2. Arched Architecture

Structural arches are also considered a stylish trend for homes in 2022. Instead of incorporating hard edges, arched architectures are a great way to integrate visual dimension and character into your living spaces. One way to do this is to put creatively painted details, and other DIY accents you think will suit the interior. You’ll find that doing so immediately refreshes the room’s overall appeal.

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3. Color-Blocked Wall Paintings

You can bring out a new aesthetic to your home by simply adding color-blocked shapes to your wall. NOt only does this exude a more playful yet personable vibe, but it also increases the overall charm of your wall. 2022 home trends show that adding a colorful mix of shapes to a home’s wall in a distinct color palette helps add interest while delineating an open-concept area.

4. Outdoor Living Spaces

One can argue that this popular and stylish home trend may be influenced largely by lockdown restrictions since it can be quite unnerving to keep staying within the closed walls of your home all the time. This concept brings in an entirely refreshing idea to bring your living spaces into your outdoor area. Now, more and more people have been outfitting their backyards, patios, and even decks with great style and comfort that’s on par with indoor living spaces. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to decorate the area however you see fit — you can either add painted fencings to maintain the privacy or even add a few potted plants here and there for a great outdoor living room experience.

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5. Pseudo-built-ins

Storage is often a common problem when it comes to renovating or designing homes. In most cases, people would often want storage spaces to blend in perfectly with the home’s overall aesthetic. With this, the trend of faux built-ins is considered a stylish home design since it’s a clutter-free and practical way of tucking away certain items within your home.

6. Framed Art Pieces

Apart from being a cool item to post on Instagram, adding kitchen wall art to your space allows color to pop more vibrantly in a particular area while simultaneously adding to the appeal of the home. More than that, it’s also a great means for bringing in personality and bold color into your kitchen room.

Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

7. Plants Galore

Another stylish home design for 2022 is to bring natural elements to your decoration, quite literally, with plants. While this is a common practice for many such as putting potted plants in living room areas or bathrooms, using plants as an abundant decoration — especially in unexpected places — is a trend that will likely grow on you as time passes.


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