The Must-Know Garage Door Safety Tips

Our homes are our nests and cribs. A beautiful house always draws attention from every passerby. We always want ours to be presentable inside and of course outside. An amazing garden is not enough to catch the eyes of everyone. And, garage doors definitely add beauty to the whole look of your home’s exterior.

If you are planning to get a garage door (which is, of course, a must), apart from knowing the things that you need to consider before purchase, you must also be initially aware of the must-know garage door safety tips!

Why Do You Need To Know This?

Well, safety should always be our priority! While at home, we should feel at ease and happy knowing that we are safe from any harm. We are not sure about those people with bad motives and we must do all means to keep both our home and family members safe. There are also cases that accidents happen because of the wrong information we have with how to handle a thing. Getting enough information and knowledge about how something works is the top job that must be done.

So what are the garage door safety tips that you must be aware of?

Important Garage Door Safety Tips

Our garage doors are the largest movable item in our houses. And, it has been reported from numerous websites that there have been thousands of injuries happening relating to garage door accidents. Most garage door owners are not aware that they can actually do something to prevent such accidents from happening! And, you must not be one of those without knowledge! So, here is a list of safety tips for you.

Do Timely Maintenance

Every item worn out if being used every single time. In the case of garage doors, maintenance procedures must always be done to ensure that it is always in its best state. We do not want our garage doors to be rusty and damaged. We should know by now that there is a need for proper lubrication of the movable components. Rollers must always be inspected (at least two times a year)  and replaced after seven years or if needed. Always make sure that bolts and screws are tightened enough to handle the force during the opening and closing of the garage door system. In case of damages, garage door repair is easy to handle. There are trained professionals who can do the job for you.

Always Check Your Safety Sensors

Garage doors’ safety sensors work as safety mechanisms in order to avoid injuries while the door is closing. In order to check if yours is working well, you can do some experiments. You can try putting an item in front of the sensor to see if the door will work in the reverse direction. If it worked well, then you have nothing to worry about.

Educate Your Kids With The Garage Door’s Use

Surely, a lot of garage door owners have kids. Children ages ten and below love to play. However, as parents or adults, you must teach and educate your kids that garage doors are not toys to play with. They could find it fun to ride with garage doors but that is very dangerous and might cause further injuries. As early as now, educating them about safety will help.

Keep Your Garage Door’s Password As A Secret

Because technology has been so advanced, a lot of companies are now capable of letting the owners set one-time codes for specific users. This is an advantage because there is no need for you to show or reveal the password every time someone visits.

Always Ensure That Garage Doors Were Fully Closed

There are some garage door owners who are fine leaving their garage doors partially open. Based on consensus, people do this to keep the inside a bit cooler especially during the summer and hot season. However, this could be others’ way to enter your home without you knowing it. Apart from this, there are also wild animals out there which could fit into the small opening. Of course, we do not want such animals to enter our homes and the worst thing, bring damages to our belongings.


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