The New Traditional Interior Style Defined and How to Master It

Many people these days find themselves in a decorating dilemma: traditional interior is safe, easy and timeless but it can also feel dated and dark – modern interior is fun, sleek and functional but it can also appear too cold and stark. This is where the mix of these two interior décor styles comes into play; the new traditional is the answer you’ve been looking for if you like the familiarity of the traditional and fresh vibe of the modern design. Most importantly, you can start working towards your ideal interior with the following ideas.

Choose your furniture with care

Feel free to embrace the warmth of wood and texture of upholstery that shows off your love for the traditional when choosing your furniture. However, leave the elaborate detailing and ornaments in the past. Instead, opt for sleek and simple furniture lines that are part of the contemporary design. Upholstery-wise, you can have fun with simpler patterns but going for warm solid colors will definitely work the best.

Don’t hesitate to mix things up

New traditional is already a mix of traditional and modern interior décor styles, so what is there to stop you from giving your room(s) a more eclectic makeover? For instance, if you’re looking to equip and decorate your bedroom and you really want to use the heavy, ornate and all-over traditional bed frame as a focal point, don’t hesitate to do so. But, you can easily break the dark and heavy vibe of the traditional style by introducing other fun elements. For instance, colourful and patterned bedding and cushions together with a glass stained nightstand as well as a unique lamp and bright modern painting will definitely work their magic and tone down the heaviness of the bed without actually taking away from its presence.

Spruce things up with a rug

As mentioned, bedding and cushions can be used as a great way to mix things up and bring traditional and contemporary together. In a similar fashion, area rugs can do this trick, too, maybe even more effectively. That said, step away from the purely traditional oriental rugs and embrace more modern designs and materials. For example, you can get top-quality Miss Amara NZ rugs made of natural materials which will go great when paired with more traditional furniture. On the other hand, you can use rugs with modern and colourful geometrical patterns if you feel that you need more personality and oomph in your décor.

Introduce interesting and personal wall art

One heavy painting hanging as a centrepiece on the wall is definitely characteristic of old traditional interior style. But, in order to add a more modern touch, you can always opt for an art piece featuring a more contemporary medium or scenery. Even better, you might like the very popular trend of gallery wall which fares amazingly well against more traditional furniture. In this case, you can really use whatever paintings/images/prints you find most attractive. Arrange a couple of medium-sized art pieces in a group or go with a bunch of smaller ones; you can even play with different frame sizes to add an extra touch of personality and creativity to your space.

Keep things simple

The best tip you can use when trying to introduce the new traditional style to your interior is to keep things simple. As mentioned, furniture-wise, this includes sleek and simple lines without many details, even if the material is dark wood and there’s upholstery involved. But, the simplicity should translate to other elements as well. When it comes to curtains, forget about heavy drapes and ruffles. Use simple and elegant bowls and decorative boxes. Opt for clean design when it comes to vases, mirrors and lamps. Essentially, stay away from clutter, both in the physical and visual sense.

The best thing about the new traditional interior style is that you’re already a master of it. This particular style molds to your own tastes and preferences. In that respect, you can mix different styles however you see fit – there’s not just one right way to do it. Of course, make sure that you find your environment pleasant and harmonious as you take your decorating project each step further.


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