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The options are many when you want to use tiles for the flooring at your home or office

Floor tiles give immense opportunities to improve the home aesthetics by offering the best functionality, beauty, and durability besides having a massive advantage over other floorings.  

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Tiles have high durability and are easy to clean without any help from professional cleaning companies that undertake the job of tiling Darwin. The versatility of tiles has made it the most preferred flooring all across the house and not only for the wet areas like bathrooms as it used to be earlier. You can use tiles in any room, including the kitchen. 

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Floor tiles are made from different materials such as clay, stone, metal quartz, and terrazzo. The characteristics of these materials determine their nature of use based on the available space and size. 

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are made from clay obtained from quarries that go through a manufacturing process followed by molding to give it the desired shape and size. Ceramic tiles are incredibly versatile and match with almost every type of interior decor.

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Ceramic tiles have a long life span, are resistant to abrasion and scratches, and suitable for various uses. It can withstand heavy foot traffic for many years without showing any signs of wear and tear, and its multiple designs provide endless creative opportunities.  These tiles are for indoor use only because they cannot withstand the heat if used outdoor, and they cannot adapt to very cold temperatures. Its absorbent quality tends to soak water and makes it unsuitable for outdoor use or in wet places indoors.

Porcelain tiles

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It is often difficult to distinguish porcelain tiles from ceramic tiles with too many similarities in the looks. Made from denser clay, porcelain tiles undergo heat treatment at much higher temperatures than ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are stronger and offer better resistance to damage. Having less porosity, porcelain tiles are suitable for outdoor use as they can withstand extreme temperatures better. Suitable for domestic applications, porcelain tiles are available in both polished and unpolished variety.

Marble tiles

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Marble tiles are exquisite and classy that uplifts the aesthetics of homes. Made from natural marble stone with high durability and a natural product, it is available in numerous shades and colors. Various finishing options of marble tiles increase its attraction. From polished to brushed finish, there are many other types of finish like tumbled, hone, etc., which widens its applicability in different areas. 

Mosaic tiles

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Kitchens and bathrooms are the most preferred places for using mosaic tiles smaller by almost 2 inches than the other floor tiles. Using the right cutting tools makes it possible to achieve precision cutting that gives a spectacular finish in smaller rooms.  

Granite tiles

Granite tiles are ideal for installing in areas that experience heavy footfall. Granites are hard and dense igneous rock sprinkled with minerals that create unique veins that make each piece of tile unique. It is hard and acid-resistant and good for industrial use too. 

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Besides, there are slate tiles, sandstone tiles, travertine tiles, onyx tiles, terrazzo tiles, and even wooden tiles. 


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