The power of Instagram Live to create higher engagement will help to grow its popularity

As the world tries to combat the COVID19 pandemic by forcing millions of people to adapt self-isolation at home and practice strict social distancing measures, everyone is desperately searching for connection. The sense of isolation is devastating lives as people desperately look for virtual socialization ways and stay connected with followers by taking to Instagram Live. This feature works within Instagram Stories, and users can broadcast live videos and share it with other users on the platform. It is a great way to grow a follower base. By connecting directly with users, you get the opportunity of building engagement that reflects in the likes garnered by the content, which you can bolster further by having a plan to buy likes on Instagram.

Since visuals have high appeal, and Instagram has incorporated numerous business-friendly features, more and more businesses are taking advantage of Instagram Live. It needs a good understanding of the feature to make its best use.

Instagram Live explained

If you are an Instagram user, you must have sometime received a notification stating that some of the accounts you follow are ‘now live,’ which indicates that those accounts are using Instagram Live. Users of Instagram Live can host live broadcasts to connect with the target audience in real-time.  Followers of the account will receive an app notification whenever the account goes Live. It expands the window of engagement by reaching out to the maximum number of viewers who are already followers. Since live videos have high appeal and are more trustworthy, it multiplies the engagement rate many more times as the videos occupy the front rank among the Instagram Stories shown in your feed. Also, since the videos appear in the Explore tab, it hogs the limelight, which improves discoverability and searchability, which are instrumental in attracting a new audience.

Different from Instagram Stories

Although encapsulated within Instagram Stories, the characteristics of Instagram Live are different because, unlike Stories that need adequate preparation for presentation, Instagram Live is like an impromptu act. You can shoot any video on your mobile phone camera and immediately upload it raw and unfiltered to share it with your followers in real-time. It creates a sense of instant connection that breaks the formality barriers and has a personal touch with high appeal for the viewers. It creates better transparency that leads to higher trust for the brand. The videos are broadcast live from any spot where you might be present at that time without any touch-up and editing. That lends more authenticity to the content and brings the audience much closer to the brand. They can discover its various facets, including behind the scenes stories that might not have been possible with scripted videos.

The urge to stay connected is driving the popularity

The COVID19 pandemic has been the driving force behind the popularity of Instagram Live as it provides the much-needed channel to create a live connection with people. As the pandemic has forced people to stay indoors for most of the time and ‘work from home’ has become the new norm, the scope of social mixing has diminished drastically. Added to this is the need to maintain safety and hygiene by keeping physical distancing, which has become another barrier to free mixing among people that was so much common during the pre-COVID days. As millions of people are taking to social media to stay connected with the world and the people they like while rekindling their social connections, Instagram Live has given them more lively options for virtual socializing that inspire them to adopt a new lifestyle.

Businesses that cannot maintain the usual operations are using Instagram Live to stay connected with their customers and other consumers. It is a great way to bridge the gap between businesses and customers during difficult times.

Live entertainment

When the entertainment industry cannot hold any events, Instagram Live gives a splendid opportunity to celebrities, performers, and artists to host online events and shows that fill the void effectively. Instagram Live provides huge motivation for musicians to perform in front of the audience and even interact with them, which has led to a series of concerts and other musical programs broadcast live.

Similarly, hosting talk shows and training programs on Instagram Live has become a norm. It is evident from the personal training sessions hosted by actor mark Whalberg or a talk show named Bright Minded hosted by singer Miley Cyrus that discusses everything from pop culture to mental health with many other well-known celebrities.

After the pandemic, the world will never be the same again. But one thing that will not change is the popularity curve of Instagram Live that keeps moving in an upward trajectory benefiting everyone.


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