The Pros And Cons Of Having A Screened-In Swimming Pool In Florida

When it comes to swimming pools, screening can provide a variety of health and emotional benefits. For instance, it can help protect your privacy, allowing you to relax and enjoy a book or nap. Additionally, a screened-in pool can keep out bugs and provide shade on a hot day. These are obvious benefits. However, determining if a screened-in pool is right for your particular property requires you to consider some not-so obvious benefits, such as security.

However, there are other things to consider, and some of these things might be considered negatives or cons. In fact, they are simply realities of a screened-in pool that you might not have considered. After considering so-called cons, if you choose to install a screened-in enclosure, you might need to brainstorm the situation to arrive at the best possible environment for your pool.

1. Pro: Security

A screened-in pool makes things more secure for you as you swim or relax, and it protects your children or other family members as they enjoy the water. However, it also serves as fencing, which is a requirement for any home with a pool. For instance, a screened-in enclosure helps keep other people out of the pool if they should wander in and decide to take a dip without supervision or permission.

In addition to keeping people out of your pool, an enclosure also keeps animals out. You do not want snakes, dogs, or cats to become trapped in your pool, and you certainly do not want to invite an errant alligator in for a dip.

2. Pro: Skin Protection

If there is any one thing that patio screen installation Tampa will provide, it is skin protection. As anyone knows, the Florida sun can be considered tropical, and it can increase wrinkling and the chance at getting skin cancer. A screened-in pool eliminates the discomfort of a hot sun and the danger of extended sun exposure.

3. Con: Cooler Water

If you are protected from the sun, the water in your pool will suffer a dip in temperature. As such, the water might seem colder in the morning or evening hours. If you swim in these hours, you might want to invest in a pool heater to help keep the water at the ideal temperature. Obviously, if you have to use a pool heater, you might experience an increase in your utility bill.

4. Pro: Decreased Need For Maintenance

Because a screened-in enclosure will keep out the sun, your pool will experience less algae growth along the walls of the pool. This keeps your pool cleaner and healthier throughout the summer and especially in September and October when your pool has been active for the entire season.

Additionally, the screening will keep out leaves and other debris. Because fewer leaves will clutter your water, you will not have to skim the water as often, and you will not have to worry as much about filters getting clogged.

5. Con: Limited View

While it is true that a screened-in enclosure might obstruct some of the view, most enclosures have expansive window areas that allow for a wide field of view. That said, the corners of the room and the lower walls do obstruct the view somewhat. This is something to consider if you have a resort-style infinity pool. However, for most people with a traditional pool, a screened-in enclosure will still allow expansive views from all angles.

6. Pro: Protection Against The Wind

Wind can be the nemesis of anyone attempting to relax by the pool, but an enclosure provides a lot of wall space. Additionally, even the screens help block a little of the wind.

7. Con: Property Limitations

Any property will restrict the size and shape of the screening structure. Although this is something to consider, the enclosure can be constructed in such a way to maximize room. Additionally, the windows give a sense of openness to an otherwise small yard. Finally, some enclosures can be constructed as an attachment to your home, allowing for an indoor pool room.

8. Pro: Better For The Environment

With the protection from the sun comes a significant amount of protection against evaporation. With the water saved against evaporation, your water pump will not have to continually top off the pool.

9. Pro: Privacy

One of the greatest benefits of taking advantage of patio screen installation in Tampa is that you will be able to enjoy your very own private pool. Being able to swim out of view of neighbors is an almost indulgent luxury many pool owners do not enjoy. Even if you do not normally mind swimming out in the open, there is something spa-like about having an enclosure around the pool. Moreover, this effect is magnified on quiet mornings when you just want to be alone.

10. Pro: Cleaner

One of the most unpleasant things a screened enclosure protects you and your pool from is bird droppings.

11. Pro: Healthier

One of the more modern health hazards includes mosquitoes, and a screened enclosure ensures you and your family remain protected against them and the diseases they carry. This particular benefit of a screened-in enclosure cannot be underestimated as such diseases as West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis are hazards that can make you sick or send you to the intensive care unit.

12. Pro: Money Saved

Simply put, you save money with a pool enclosure. For instance, you save money on electricity, and you save money on water. Additionally, you save money because you will not have to clean the pool as often. Finally, you save money on filters as they are not getting clogged by twigs and other things blown in by the wind.

13. Pro: Benefits Your House

A pool enclosure that is attached to the home is very similar in nature to a sunroom. Although such an enclosure is not as valuable as, say, a new kitchen, it does turn a regular house with a pool into something special. As such, it will create more marketing appeal and draw more people to your home if you ever choose to sell.

Additionally, an attached enclosure allows you to open kitchen windows or open the sliding-glass door to your patio without inviting a horde of bugs into the primary living area. As such, you can enjoy your home a little more because open windows equates to an open, breezy home with lots of fresh air.


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