The Pros and Cons of Using Hand Vs. Machine Quilting

Quilting is an art that has been around for a very long time. It was traditionally done by using thread and needle, but today quilters can use quilter machines to create beautiful projects and in a much faster turnaround time than in the past. Although quilting machines aid in speeding up the quilting process, they may not be meant for everyone. Before you decide whether to use a hand or machine while quilting, it is essential to know the differences between them.  

Machine Quilting 

It is a newer method of quilting, and it can be done from home or by professionals. Using machines to quilt is as enjoyable as using hands. Professional quilters usually use long-arm machines; they are huge and occupy an entire room. 

When using a long-arm quilting machine, you have to stand, which can cause some damage to your body. Due to this, today, sewing machines have improved, enabling people to use them for quilting.

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·Easier and faster- it takes less time to complete a project than the time hand quilting. It also makes quilting easy since not all stitches are hand placed. It is an excellent alternative if you have some difficulties handling thread and needle.

· It makes it easier when dealing with heavy fabrics. Although working on heavy materials can be done by hand, it is tiring and more difficult when trying to sew through heavy layers of cloth.

·Machine-made quilts are more durable compared to hand quilts. They are best used when developing quilts that are designed for use and washing rather than for decorations. 


· It is difficult to use when creating quilts.

·It may take time to learn how to use, which will depend on the model and make of machine.

·If you are using a long-arm machine, extensive space is required.  

Hand Quilting

It is the traditional method of quilting, and it has remained almost the same. There are still people who prefer hand quilting to machine quilting. Most quilts that you see in a museum were hand quilted. Although there are few handmade quilts, there are still people who enjoy this type of quilting.

Pros Over Machine

· It is relaxing

·Not very expensive – unlike machine quilting where you need to buy a machine and accessories. Hand quilting requires you to have fabrics, threads, and needles, which are not very expensive.

·Transportable – You can work on them anywhere since they do not depend on a machine, for example, while watching TV, traveling, among others.

More artistic- some quilters feel that hand- made quilts are more inventive than that of the machine.


· It is time-consuming.

·Some people find it tedious

·Before you learn the art, you can suffer repetitive injuries.

The decision on which quilt to use is more personal. Based on the type of fabric, Use, size, and pattern of the quilt, you can determine whether to hand quilt or machine quilt. You might even decide to combine both, but the best is the one you are enjoying.


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