The Pros & Cons to Installing Skylights: We Reveal All

If you’re reading this article then you’re probably contemplating installing skylights on your premises, right?

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But chances are that you’re still uncertain and need a bit of nudging in the right direction. If that’s you, then you’ve come to the right place. We outline all the benefits associated with installing skylights. But we won’t shy away from stating the drawbacks to help you make an informed decision. Besides, you’ll agree that there are pros and cons associated with any product.

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To pick skylights that offer you more advantages than disadvantages, it pays to purchase quality brands. Velux skylights Melbourne is one such reputable brand that Australian residents can readily access with ease. Simply visit their site online or their showrooms in person. And then use these tips to make a wise investment.

The Pros of Skylights

Enjoy More Natural Light

Probably one of the biggest advantages of installing skylights is the additional natural light you’ll enjoy in your home.

This is something you’ll appreciate particularly during the winter months because that’s when we experience limited exposure to natural light. And you’ll agree that low light conditions are undesirable; no-one likes being stuck in a cold room. Besides, with a skylight you get to enjoy the numerous benefits offered by natural light.

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Possible Solar Heating

Still on the subject of winter, by installing skylights you can also enjoy solar heating. Just make sure that you opt for a skylight with a high solar heat gain coefficient. This number will indicate how much solar power you’ll get from a particular product.

Improved Ventilation

Are you tired of living in a stuffy room? Along with natural light, skylight windows allow fresh air to enter the room. They aid in cross ventilation which significantly freshens up the air in your living space. Plus, you don’t have to turn on your air conditioner to keep the room nice and cool.

Save on Energy Costs

Because you don’t have to max up your air-conditioning system to cool down your home, this essentially means a drop in power consumption.

If ever you want to see a drop in your monthly utility bill, installing skylights is a step in the right direction.

Improve Your Home’s Value

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Aside from their practicality, skylights will dramatically improve your home’s overall appearance by making it instantly attractive and elegant. They’re as much for cosmetics as they are for functional purposes.

As you’re probably aware, any improvements you make on your home increase its resale value. And installing skylights definitely falls under home improvements. This is something you’ll appreciate if ever you consider selling your home in future.

Create the Illusion of a ‘’Bigger Room’’

Much like mirrors on a wall, skylights have the ability to make rooms “appear much larger” than they really are. This will come in handy if you have limited space. Your rooms will instantly look more spacious.

If that doesn’t make you want to install skylights, maybe the view you’ll enjoy if you do so may be reason enough. By installing roof windows Melbourne residents get to enjoy a beautiful view of the sky during the day and night.

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The Cons of Skylights

And now we outline the main drawbacks associated with installing skylights. But don’t fret, we won’t leave you in the lurch. We’ve also come up with possible solutions you can implement to get around these setbacks.

Excessive Light

While the extra light can come in handy in winter, the same can’t be said during the summer months. Depending on the size of the skylight, you may wind up with a room that’s excessively bright. In extreme cases, you may even find it nearly impossible to use the room during certain times of the day. Natural light is only beneficial when it’s in moderation.

The Solution

To avoid this, rather install your skylights on north-facing roof sections. Why? This significantly minimises the amount of sunlight entering a room. Alternatively you can install blinds to shield you from extra sunlight.

Poor Insulation

Depending on the brand you pick, installing skylights makes it impossible to insulate the shafts on the window frames. Even if you try installing insulating material such as fibreglass, this will still result in poor insulation. This is because of lack of direct contact of the shafts with the frames. As a result, the shafts begin to peel off over time. Plus, this also leads to excess heat entering your space since it can’t be regulated.

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The Solution

Try and ensure that your skylight runs through a conditioned attic. If that’s not at all possible, you can alternatively use spray foam insulation on the shafts.

Moisture Problems

Know this; each time you penetrate your roof, you compromise its strength and performance. Because of this, there’s a chance that water leaks may occur.

The Solution

Hire professionals to install the skylight. Professionals will know which installation methods and materials they can use to minimise the occurrence of water leaks.

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Wrapping Up

So, what’s the verdict? Skylights come with many advantages. Sure, they do come with some drawbacks, but these can easily be kept under control using our recommended solutions.

Now that you have all the information you need; will you be installing skylights in your home?


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