The Pros of Using HDPE for Toilet Partitions

Efficiency is a factor that all owners of institutions strive to achieve – particularly amongst today’s top corporate leaders. A brighter future must be established, hence the need to utilize recycled materials or promote green marketing strategies, and this can start with your building. The use of durable building materials would be highly beneficial to your building, — especially when it comes to public comfort rooms with toilet partitions. There are different types of materials you can use at the public toilets (metal, plastic laminate, solid plastic or HDPE, stainless steel, and the compact laminate). Still, when it is time to make the right choice, you will always have to consider the durability and sustainability of the material that will be used. Companies who manufacture toilet partitions actively sought to provide just that.

Using HDPE for Toilet Partitions

One of the most cost-efficient and durable materials that are widely used as toilet partitions would be the solid plastic, ore more commonly known as HDPE. Because of its quality of construction, it is proven to be high in resilience level and is also resistant to scratches, scuffs, and damages. HDPE has several tangible benefits over all the other types of toilet partitions, which is why it more commonly used in any modern bathroom that has toilet partitions. This is even considered as the perfect material to be used for a public restroom.

Durable and Sustainable

One of its most sustainable components of having the appropriate toilet partition materials is to find one that could outperform the traditional styles and products. All toilet partitions are susceptible to wear and tear over the years, and some may even sustain these deteriorations rather too soon.

It is imperative that you pick a durable material when choosing toilet partitions to make sure that it would last for a long time and would not be easily damaged. The ultimate objective is to not only put off yet another replacement but also to rely on such a product that does not need significant maintenance. If you use a durable toilet partition material, the potential damage would be less than when you only use other typical materials. This is why a long-lasting material should always be used when picking what would be best to use for toilet partitions.

Eco-friendly and can be recycled.

Recycling is indeed essential, and everybody needs to know how much it can be crucial for Mother Earth. A lot of articles had already been circulating about the repurposing of building materials that had already been through a recycling process. The recycling of plastics, which has a component called High-Density Polyethylene or HDPE, would be one example. This kind of plastic is usually recycled and then often reused – this can be recycled to the very same product as it once was, or it can be a new plastic product. With the use of recycled construction materials, you can help in reducing waste through utilizing a product that will not only last long, but when the inevitable happens for you to avail for a new one, the product can indeed be recycled anew.

This is a pretty substantial factor to consider, especially when deciding which material to choose from for the toilet partitions – it must be eco – friendly and recyclable.

No need to paint.

One very notable advantage of using a sturdy material as HDPE plastic is that this kind of material needs no painting. When vandalism makes an appearance anywhere, the initial inclination would be to get a paint matched to cover the vandal; however, with the use of HDPE plastic as toilet partitions, you can seamlessly wipe away the marker. Since HDPE is not absorbent, the need to buy some new paint and maybe do some touch-ups is not needed.

Perfect for that much-needed privacy.

As behavioral patterns continue to change, and then as people deal with the fact of such a potentially dangerous situation that can arise in public areas, a new strategy has been designed to create a partition among public and institutional bathrooms.

Since around 2018, 19 federal and state governments (18 districts and D.C.), more than 200 counties have implemented laws designed to protect transgender people against discrimination when making use of certain public facilities, such as the use of bathrooms. Particularly in states where this is not the common practice, several businesses and schools are taking the necessary steps to adapt and modify their toilet facilities for these groups of individuals. Privacy and health protection have become two of the most significant considerations that architectural professionals would need to carefully consider when designing and building public bathrooms.

Individuals with disabilities or those who have special needs that require constant assistance from a guardian who has a different gender often needed toilets that can be used by everyone, regardless the gender. This seems to be a concern as well for people who suffer from chronic health problems and may undertake periodic medications, or who use colonoscopy bags. No one wants to feel as if someone is going to peep through the gap in the door or might barge on them unintentionally while they are dealing with their illness.

Another significant threat is the likelihood of any act of violence inside the restrooms. A toilet partition can also be a secure place in such circumstances. When used appropriately, it can also help in reducing the number of injuries or deaths just in case one of those incidents would occur. 

Safety and privacy concerns usually go hand in hand. This is why modern toilet partitions have a design that implements gap-free partitions and floor-to-ceiling and maximum height that are relatively cost-effective and practical solutions to address these issues. 

When you are considering purchasing new toilet partitions in order to enhance the facility’s privacy and security further, it does not really necessarily imply that it needs to be gloomy and dim. You could choose a new toilet partition with a wide variety of different architecturally stylish materials and showcase a variety of color shades.


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