Modern Décor Ideas that Save You Money

Modern home decorating doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can make some aesthetic improvements without breaking the bank. With a few simple ideas and a bit of creativity, you can transform a dead space into a cozy haven. Read below for some simple ways to give your home a new lease of life.

Interior Ideas You Can Tackle at Home

  • Repurpose furniture – give an old piece a lick of paint, or sand it down to strip it back to the natural wood and you’ve got a new piece of furniture.
  • Rearrange a room – give feng shui a try and see if you can transform the vibe.
  • Try a different color – bold colors in small spaces can be a dramatic choice, or try a neutral color for a sense of calm. Make sure you’ve got the equipment you need to paint like a pro.
  • Accessorize – it’s the small details that really make the difference.
  • Lighting – a change in lighting can really lift your mood, or try a table lamp for a study space.

Repurpose and Rearranging Furniture

Repurposing is a great way to save money. It is all about repairing or changing a piece that you already own or a reclaimed piece from a reuse center. You can transform a bookshelf, an old dresser or even the inside of your wardrobe using paint, wallpaper, or fix new patterned handles using wood glue. Collect wallpaper samples from interior stores that can be used to line the inside of cabinets, replicating a vintage look. Reorganizing furniture is quite a labor-intensive task but it is a cheap option that will give your home the facelift you desire. Start by creating a focal point like a fireplace, an accent wall with a television, and an outdoor view then reposition your furniture to compliment it. Consider removing unused furniture to get more open space, and adding some pieces from other rooms that may function better. Ensure to balance your furniture equally in the room and consider the natural flow of traffic for easy access or walk through the room.

Paint and Accessory Choices

Affordable modern décor aims at making a bold statement while at the same time maintaining a crisp, clean, and organized look. For these effects, all you need is to play around with color. For example, a vibrant purple, orange, or red color will get the attention of those who walk into the house. Relaxing colors such as soft lavender or pastel blue invite sleep, so they are best colors for bedrooms. Neutral colors such as black, white, grey, cream, beige blend effortlessly with most furnishings, especially those that are made of wood or leather. Understanding colors and applying them with thought and care will result in very low-priced home decor and create an impression that can last.

The next step is accessorizing. You can use simple pieces such as beautiful photo frames, mirrors, area rugs, throw pillows, and sheepskins to furnish the interiors of your home. Placing some colorful candles around the house can instantly change the atmosphere of your home. For the kids’ room, experiment with stickers and murals that let them feel ownership over their playroom.

One last thing you need to consider when redesigning your modern home is the lighting. No matter how many beautiful pieces of furniture and decorating accessories you put in the house, it will not ever look quite right if you don’t have great lighting to show it off. Affordable lighting systems include tract lighting, targeted lights, and even chandeliers in modern designs and styles. Be it interior or exterior; there are plenty of lighting options able to illuminate and highlight the beauty surrounding your house. With so many options available, it’s time to try your hand at DIY. Feel proud of the space you’ve created when you put down the paintbrush and dim the lights on your dream room.


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