10 Tips on How to Choose a Contractor for Renovating your House

How and where to find a contractor, what to focus on, how to formalize a relationship with him so that you do not regret it? You’ll find the answers to those questions in our article.

How and where it’s preferable to find a contractor

There are several options:

  • Recommendations from friends and family who have already made repairs and have positive experiences;
  • an Internet search. Take a look at a few sites and contact the contractor whose site you like. We recommend to search for experts of a narrow profile like the sliding door repair in Fort Lauderdale;
  • it is often possible to use the services of the builder. The advantage of this option is that usually, the property developer works with good executors;
  • finding a contractor at a special exhibition. However, this is not always possible;
  • if you’re renovating a new building, you can choose your neighbor’s preferred option and find out who did it.

What is worth paying attention to in the first place

If you do not like the contractor at once, do not waste time on it: it is very unlikely that you will like it in the future. If there is even the slightest bit of doubt in your heart, you’d better stop the dialogue right now. Here are some of the factors that can be used to navigate in choosing a contractor:

House renovation construction concept. Can with spilled red paint and house symbol. Paint your home. 3d illustration

the availability of photographs of the works. Any good performer has a portfolio on which to evaluate the work. Whether the contractor sends out adequate, prepared photos or those taken quickly, it is already possible to make an impression of him;

the presence of people on site. A good contractor will always find an opportunity to show the object, even if people already live there. Always pay attention to the way the object is shown. An unprepared pass to enter a protected area already says a lot. On the same object a good tone is cleanliness and order, even if the apartment is in the process of repair;

smoking is forbidden at the facility;

attitude towards clean materials. If the site is a mess, keep in mind that the same masters will relate to your cleaning materials;

a good contractor will ask the workers to leave while the site is being shown. If you do happen to see them, pay attention to their appearance;

if the repairs are still in progress, the windows and the front door must be glued, the window sills must be clean and the floors well covered;

the qualification of the workers can be determined by their tool. For professionals, it will always be in good condition;

company and website availability. In the implementation of a serious object, the presence of the company is necessary. It is best to work with a contractor registered as a legal entity, this proves the seriousness of his intentions. The same can be said about the site and the office – a good contractor has both.

Availability of contract, warranty obligations

The existence of a contract is a prerequisite, as it is primarily a document that establishes an oral agreement. If something goes wrong during the repair, the contract will be very useful. Otherwise, you will have to resort to legal regulations. The contract should contain a list of works, their terms and cost, and a financing scheme. The scheme of work must also be fixed to work out the payment system. All payments must be official, taking into account taxes. Payment for the work must be made by cash or cashless payment with cash vouchers. The contractor’s willingness to work on a contractual basis underlines the seriousness of his intentions.


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