The Right Siding Choices to Give Life to Your New House

It is possible to mess up your new house’s beauty by the decisions you make on the materials for your exterior siding.

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The siding to your house is as important as the building itself and it is the reason why homeowners don’t joke with it these days. Having loose or missing bricks, dirty glass surfaces, decaying wood surfaces or chipped vinyl paint will not give the right impression about your home. Making the right siding choices to give life to your new home depends on your preferences but you should know that it also depends on what you can afford. 

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It is one thing to make the choice of how you want the exterior of your house to look like but it is another thing to get it done to your taste. Getting the right contractors is another milestone to take care of. Wherever you are, you can always seek professional help from companies within your location which major in putting finishing touches to the exterior of your homes. For example, if you have a home in Kansas or Missouri, you can go online and search for any siding Kansas city company. There are a number of professional siding companies within the metropolis. Let us have a look at some right siding choices to give life to your new house.

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Engineered wood

Using normal wood for siding could look glamorous but then you will have the problem of doing regular upkeeps of the wood. This problem is what engineered wood seeks to correct. Engineered wood is eco-friendly and doesn’t require too much money for its maintenance. Natural wood which is the alternative wooden siding is very costly to maintain. The main disadvantage of using engineered wood though is the fact that it is prone to absorbing moisture. Moisture content in wood is the beginning of the destruction of that wood.

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Stucco has a big advantage of being able to last for up to eighty years. It used to be in the form of a standard white-washed model but now, it has evolved from that to a full range of textures and colors. It does absorb water, yes but it also has the advantage of allowing such moisture to evaporate quickly. It is ideal for locations with normal precipitation. It won’t work for houses in rainy areas though. Getting the materials is not that cost-intensive but labor for this siding choice is a bit pricey. This is because stucco requires an application of three coats.

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Stone Veneer

The cost of labor for using stone veneers is on the low side unlike the labor for the installation of natural stone as siding materials. Manufactured stone veneer products have become very common as siding options in recent times. It is made from a mixture of portland cement, lightweight aggregate, and iron-oxide pigments. It creates an upscale decorative appearance for the home and it is a more natural option to using bricks as siding materials. It requires little maintenance and can fit in a rainy environment. The disadvantage is that the labor required for its installation is dear.

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One important thing to ask before going ahead to install wooden sidings is if the wood has got rot resistance. This is because any small amount of moisture getting into the siding will destroy it very fast. Some varieties of wood that can be used for siding are pine, spruce, cedar, redwood, and fir. You need to be aware of your region’s climate before choosing what type of wood you need. When the heat from the sun fades off the finish or moisture leads to molds growing on the wood, you can do proper maintenance by power washing, staining, and sealing the affected parts.

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Using vinyl as a siding material has a lot of advantages. It is insect-proof and it doesn’t have issues with a rainy environment because it doesn’t absorb moisture. It is also resistant to fading and practically not destructible no matter the circumstance. It is the cheapest material to install and it comes in a range of colors and designs. Regular maintenance of vinyl sidings is necessary to avoid an accumulation of mold and grime. Using Vinyl gives the exterior of your house a costly look.

The quality of exterior finishing of your home is very important just as the interior is. The exterior of your home is what needs to deal with the type of climate you have in your location. If the right siding choices are not made, then there is a probability that you will be spending money regularly maintaining it. Some of the siding options here have their pros and cons. Depending on your budget, you can make a good choice and give life to your new house.


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