THE SUPERCOURTYARD by plus31architects

For new ideas in architecture, the architects make many concepts for put in practices they creation, in this way is one hard competition between the ideas and the new concept in correct standard implementation, but the creation is without limits, and is good to take all details to find the perfect element in the next project creation, in the next concept I found the amazing next home for our need, is new architect design for increase the level of life in one great place and space to live, THE SUPERCOURTYARD by +31Architects description from source site:

The city of Enschede started to develop a new living area which is called ‘t Vaneker. To work on the reputation of the area the city decided to subscribe a competition for young architects.

This design has been conceived for four different clients creating one building with four different houses.
The basic idea consists of 4 angled walls which divide the farmyard into 4 functions: entry, courtyard, parking lots and living area with garden.
The corners of the walls are as close to each other as possible in order to optimize the garden area. The parking places on the ground floor, between the houses, offer a nice view from the courtyard towards the garden.



J. Houwert
J. Suasso de Lima de Prado

Jan Maarten Mulder



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