The Top 3 Easiest Ways to Add Live Wallpaper to Your Computer 

Do you want to add live wallpaper to your computer’s background? It doesn’t take long to turn your boring desktop into a dynamic video experience.

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You can choose from thousands of background videos to add to your desktop, or you can use your favorite media, personal videos, or even GIFs.

Unfortunately, you can’t add live wallpaper using your computer’s settings (in most cases). But there are a few ways to easily add video wallpaper without having to buy apps or navigate complicated menus. 

Below, you’ll find our top three methods for adding live wallpaper to your screen. 

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Why Add Live Wallpaper to Your Computer? 

Adding video wallpaper to your computer can make your setup livelier, but it can also be distracting. Consider these video wallpaper pros and cons before adding live wallpaper to your screen. 

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Live Wallpaper Pros

  • Live wallpaper is great for those with multiple monitors. When using just one monitor, you can add a screensaver-style video wallpaper to the other. Your work can then spill over to your second monitor seamlessly. 
  • If you use a TV as an external monitor, video wallpaper can help prevent images from burning into the screen. 
  • Live wallpaper can set the mood on public screens without interrupting the functionality of your computer. For instance, you could set the wallpaper in a meeting room to a soothing waterfall or a crackling fireplace. 

Live Wallpaper Cons

  • If you’re only using one screen, live wallpaper can be distracting. This is especially true if the video is fast-paced and frenetic. 
  • Video wallpaper can drain your battery faster if you add it to a laptop. 
  • Depending on the video’s size and quality, live wallpaper may slow the performance of your computer.  
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3 Ways to Add Live Wallpaper to Your Computer 

These are the easiest ways to add video wallpaper to your computer for free. 

1. Download a live wallpaper app

Most computers do not give you an option to add video wallpaper in their “Settings” menus, but you can get around this hurdle by downloading an app. 

Start by visiting the Microsoft Store or App Store and searching for “live wallpaper.” Most live wallpaper apps are free, and they all provide a similar service, so just choose the one with the best rating. 

Next, open the app and search its video library for a live wallpaper option that you like. When you find one, add it to your desktop background with a click. 

If you don’t like the options in the app’s library, you can usually add your own videos to the app. Look for an option titled “import media” or “add wallpaper” to turn your favorite YouTube video, movie clip, or homemade video into live wallpaper. 

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2. Set A Video Background with VLC

VLC is a popular media player available to download for free. Besides using it to watch videos and listen to music, you can also use it to set live wallpaper on your computer. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Drag a video file into the VLC player 
  2. Right-click the video 
  3. When you right-click, a menu will appear. Select the “Video” option from the menu 
  4. Under “Video,” select “Set as Wallpaper.”

That’s it! Any video file can be set as your wallpaper this way. 

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3. Set a Video Background with YouTube 

This is a lazier option for adding live wallpaper to your computer, but it works. You can full-screen a video straight from YouTube and use it as a background if you’re doing work on other apps. Here’s how.

  1. Open the YouTube video you want to use as your wallpaper
  2. Click the corner icon to full-screen the video
  3. Alt-Tab through your open apps to place them on top of the YouTube video 

You won’t be able to access the files and shortcuts on your desktop when using this option, which makes it our least favorite. However, it is super easy and doesn’t require any downloads. 

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It’s Easy to Add Video Wallpaper to Your Computer 

Live wallpaper is great for bringing your unused screens to life and protecting monitors from burn-in. And, it only takes a few seconds to add video wallpaper to your desktop. Pick one of the options above and enjoy a dynamic and personalized workspace with live wallpaper. 


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