Why You Should Invest in a Smart Home and How They Work

Technology is changing our lives every day. One of the latest big tech trends has been advances in the Internet of Things – technology that allows devices to communicate with each other. There is a growing market for smart, automated households for improved comfort and convenience.

A smart home has a lot of advantages:

  • Convenience
  • Enhanced security
  • Reducing household chores and work
  • Instant entertainment
  • Increased comfort
  • Monitoring and safety

Here’s what you need to make your home smart.

A Smart Home Hub

The smart home hub is the nexus of your home – a centralized way of interacting with the automated devices that make your life easier. Systems like Samsung SmartThings Hub and Amazon Echo make it easy to connect your other automated devices by WiFi. This is your central command.

Energy Efficient Homes

It may not be as flashy as a fridge that can do your groceries for you, but energy efficiency should be your first step in building a smart home. Energy Star Certification means that a building uses superior construction materials and appliances that will significantly reduce your household’s power consumption.

If you’re in the market for an Energy Star Certified home, visit Blythwood Homes, home builders who specialize in high-quality homes and custom homes, including buildings with Energy Star Certification to save you money. Energy Star will keep the costs of your high-tech home under control and improve comfort.

Home Entertainment

SmartTVs and speakers dominate home entertainment. New technology has made voice and gesture recognition possible, allowing you to control music, TV, and movies from just about anywhere in your home. Smart speakers are a great option for anyone who loves hosting.

Automated Pet and Plant Care

Can’t get home in time to feed the cat? Automatic feeders make pet care a cinch. When it comes to planting care, timed watering means you’ll never forget to water the houseplants. These are great options when you’re out of the house a lot and too busy to keep up with it all.

Home Security

Home security is one of the biggest reasons people invest in smart homes. There a number of home security features that can give you peace of mind, whether you’re at home or out:

  • Smart locks and garage door openers to control who can come in and out of the house;
  • Security cameras connected to your phone that let you monitor your home when you’re out or on vacation;
  • Motion sensors that can automatically inform authorities if there is an intruder.

Climate Control

It’s the middle of winter and freezing out there. Your commute is a perilous one, and when you get home, you’ve still got a driveway to shovel out before you can actually park. Smart climate control lets you automate settings so that you can both save on money and keep your home perfectly comfortable when you get home, wake up, and go to bed.

Smart homes are about automated luxuries. They may not be necessities, but they sure make life a whole lot easier. From waking up to coffee already made fresh to climate control that makes your home perfect before you even get home, smart homes add a touch of luxury to life. 


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