The Top 5 Drinking Glasses of 2018

If you thought designs are meant for wine glasses and other high-end occasions, then you’re wrong. You also want some swagger and class when holding your glass of water. You want to feel stylish when sipping down your favorite beverage.

If this is what you’re looking for, then these 5 drinking glasses will add glamor to your cabinet.

  • The Libbey Polaris Tumbler Set

This stylish set of 16 glasses is ideal for parties and general use in the house. Eight of them are 16.25-ounce glasses while the other eight are 12.25 ounces rock glasses. With so many glasses at your disposal, you can set aside some for iced tea, cocktails or water.

The Libbey Polaris comes in a unique shape with weighted bottoms for enhanced stability. In addition, the glasses are lead-free and are dishwasher-friendly.

  • Highball Glasses with Color

Drinking glasses are often clear, but the highball glasses are changing this. These glasses have various colors at the bottom of the glass, adding some glamor to the glass. On top of that, these ¼ ounce glasses allow you to quickly identify your glass from a set.

You don’t have to worry about the color fading off because it’s part of the glass. They also come with weighted bottoms for added stability. At the bottom of the glass, you’ll see some ripples which will take care of the sweating caused by cold drinks.

The highball glasses come in a set of six and are safe to use in a dishwasher. You can also get a shorter set of the same design.

  • The 4-Piece Libbey for the High End

If you don’t mind digging deeper into your pocket for some glassware, then you might want to go for Libbey drinking glasses which come with 4 glasses per set. Expect weighted bottoms for extra support preventing easy toppling.

They will also hold a huge amount of your preferred drink, up to 18 ounces to be precise. The only downside is that this a single set comes with only 4 glasses. This means you have to buy a number of sets in order to fill your cabinet.

You can also get this type of glass in tumbler size which you can use for cocktails and juice. Whichever you choose, you can rest easy knowing they are all dishwasher-friendly.

  • The Duralex Picardie Tumbler

Are you looking for a unique design for your drinking glass? Well, the Duralex Picardie tumbler cuts the tape. Duralex has its headquarters in France and it’s known for developing strong glasses. In fact, for this particular design, the glass can survive a -4 degree Fahrenheit to 212 degrees Fahrenheit thermal shock.

This means you can warm your beverage in a microwave or cool it in a fridge without worrying about breakage. In addition to withstanding thermal shock, the Picardie is also resistant to scratches, odors, and stains making a long-lasting glass.

The set comes with six glasses of 12 ounces each suitable for tea, water, and other drinks. You can also get various sizes such as juice glasses, espresso cups, and cocktail glasses. Whatever the occasion, you can count on Duralex to have your back.

  • The Galaxy Glassware

If you intend on filling your cabinet with a single purchase, then this collection is your best bet. The collection comes with 12 glasses split into three different sizes. This means you’ll get 4 glasses of the same size.

Expect to come across polka dots on the glasses which enhances the appearance of the glass. The pattern is on the inside of the glass, so don’t expect enhanced grip.

On one hand, you have highball glasses of 17 ounces each, old-fashioned glasses of 13 ounces and juice glasses of 7 ounces each. You can stack up the glasses to free up some cabinet space and they are also dishwasher-friendly to ease clean-up.


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