The Trendiest Paint Colors of 2019

In 2018, there was a big change in paint color trends. Interior designers were touting bold choices like vibrant reds and beautiful metallics. 2019 brought another change in style. The popular color choices this year focus more on mindfulness and the individual lifestyle. Many of the “colors of the year”, chosen by paint brands, are reflecting this trend.

These bubbly and soothing colors run the gamut when it comes to choices. You can get many, if not all, of these paint colors and supplies at The Paint Store Shop. But first, you’ll have to figure out which colors of 2019 are going to go best with the flow of your interior space.

To help you decide, here are the top color choices of 2019, as picked by designers, paint companies, and homeowners.

  1. Corals

Pantone’s Color of the Year is called “Living Coral”. This bright shade is both energetic and soothing. It’s a pleasant color to look at, though painting every wall the vibrant orangey-pink could be overkill. Designers call this color optismistic and uplifting – perfect for children’s room or fun areas in the house. Corals come in a range of shades, some more orange or pink than others, but they are always pleasing to the eye.

  • Hunter Green

Hunter green hues call on a natural, worldly feeling. It’s a timeless color that works well with almost any natural décor and neutral tones. Interior designers generally agree that hunter green is neither masculine nor feminine, but instead a balance between the two spectrums. It works well in almost any room, and can blend seamlessly between room elements. It’s a versatile color with a naturalistic feel.

  • Misty Blues

Blue is a universally adored color that never goes out of style. In 2019, designers are especially keen on “misty” blues. Misty blue shades usually feature some purple or grey tones to give it a muted tone. They’re calming shades that can make any room feel more peaceful or serene. Its muted tones work well in bedrooms and kitchens, for walls or cabinets.

  • Terracottas

Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year is called Cavern Clay, reflecting another big paint trend. For those who love a good Southwest inspired color palette, these shades are perfect. The rusty brownish-red color shines in any home, and pairs well with many accent colors. You can find it in deep, rich shades, or lighter and more understated. Whatever you pick, this natural color is beautiful.

  • Dusty Blushes

The bright millennial pink craze has fallen to the wayside. Now, a more subtle dusty blush has taken its place. These rosy neutral shades feel more calming and spiritual, rather than the boisterous nature of the bright millennial pink. Blush tones are classic and timeless, but every once in a while they truly shine at the top.

  • Aquamarines

Most people think of the bubbly-shaded aquamarine associated with the ocean and mermaids. While that color is absolutely beautiful, in 2019 there’s been a rise in a more subtle but powerful shade of aquamarine. Take for instance another color of the year, Reflecting Pool from HGTV HOME. It’s bright and happy, but it’s incredibly versatile. The hue shifts when paired with different accents, like pastels or neutrals. Designers call it a power color, because “it takes a sense of humor and power” to pull it off.

Bottom Line

We want our homes to be trendy and reflect who we are. With thousands of paint colors out there, it’s hard to know where to stay when you’re decorating a new home or room. Hopefully these 2019 trends give you the jumping off point you need to create a beautiful room!


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