The Ultimate Coffee Table Size Guide

You will face many challenges while choosing the perfect size for a coffee table.

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Checking at coffee table sizes might be a little tricky, but getting going is simple. The standard method of determining someone’s stature is to find the difference between the ground and highest point of their couch. Make sure to jot down and store that figure. Doing so will help you visualize the arrangement of sitting near the coffee table.

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Though 16 inches to 18 inches is the norm, you may pick for your table which works well with your sofa height. You need to keep the same height with the cushions of the sofa or or can be an inch or two low. You may use this to quickly and conveniently grasp whatever is on the table.


It’s crucial to take into account the length measurements of a coffee table. A coffee table should be around 70% of the length of your plushy sofa to prevent crowding the room. A living area will seem more put together if the sizes of the coffee table and sofa are proportionate.

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Dimensions and Location

The width of the ideal coffee table for your living room depends on its intended placement. Keep at least 12 to 18 inches of space between your coffee table and sofa for comfortable foot traffic. Additionally, we advise allowing at least 30″ the distance between the coffee table and the TV cabinet or entertainment center.

By subtracting 48 inches (30 inches plus 18 inches) from the distance that your sofa is from your TV stand or another large piece of furniture, you may determine the ideal width of a coffee table for your living room. The recommended width for a coffee table in your living room is this.

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Other Facts to Consider 

All coffee tables are not created equal, as everyone knows. A few helpful additions may force us to deviate from the advice of the experts who have already been cited.

For instance, you could be convinced of a bigger purge on a bigger coffee table if it also serves as a desk or storage space like a lid-top coffee table. Some more benefits that can sway your choice to buy:

Storage space: Drawers, baskets, and shelves are great ways to store magazines, pillows, blankets, TV remotes, and anything else that might contribute to a cluttered living room.

Trunk: Coffee tables classified as “trunks” often have the form of a long, narrow rectangle. They are characterized by a top that closes like a conventional trunk or suitcase. When opened, the hollow interior is ideal for stowing blankets or toys.

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Nesting tables: Regardless of their form, all “nesting tables” consist of two or more tables of decreasing size that may be stacked and stored under the largest one. Instead of buying a single large coffee table, you might want to consider purchasing a modest set.

Lift top: The upper side of a lift-top table may be raised from cocktail to dining table height, making it versatile. The upper side of the table folds below to coffee table height for easy storage when not in use.

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Final Words

After reading this article, we hope you got the information you are looking for. Now, you can choose the perfect size for your coffee table easily! 


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