The ultimate commercial site inspection checklist every buyer needs

If you are slowly fixating on a particular property for setting-up your business, take a few steps back to get back to reality. Commercial properties are always in high demand, and so many buyers make the mistake of purchasing one without an inspection. Don’t be one of those!

While the inspector will do his job efficiently, as the buyer, you also should be aware of what to expect from the property inspection and how to make the most of it. With that thought in mind, we have curated the ultimate checklist for a commercial building inspection in New Jersey, which will ease the process for you. Read on.

The structural condition

  • Look for water stains indicating spalling or water damage in the structure
  • Look at the condition of the floors and the ceiling
  • Are windows cracked or in good shape?
  • Are the wooden structures rotten?
  • Check the handrails and stairs inside the building
  • Check for wall cracks and the condition of the wall-paint
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • Is there enough ventilation in the attic?

Exterior situation

  • What is the condition of the paving and driveways?
  • Is there mold on the exterior walls?
  • How well-maintained are the exterior walls?
  • Are the directional signs sufficiently set-up?
  • What is the condition of the landscaping?
  • Is there any slippery surface?
  • Asbestos examination
  • Radon evaluation

The roof 

  • Are the shingles falling out?
  • Is there mold and moss present on the roof?
  • What is the mechanism for ventilation?
  • Any sign of repairs?
  • Are the ductwork and antennas taken care of?
  • What is the condition of the gutters?
  • Is entering and exiting the roof convenient?

Electrical set-up

  • Is the fuse box labeled and secured?
  • Are the electrical appliances operating fine?
  • Look for broken or useless lighting fixtures which need replacement
  • Look for loose wires
  • Take a look at the emergency generator’s condition


  • How much weight can the elevator carry?
  • How many elevators are there in the building?
  • Are the controls working properly?
  • Are the control marked for ease of use?
  • How smooth is the functioning of the elevator doors?
  • What is the condition of the intake louvers?

Plumbing systems

  • Look for damaged pipes leading to leaks?
  • Check the condition of the taps
  • Check the toilets by flushing them a few times
  • Check the sewage and drainage systems and their flow
  • Are there are any fire sprinkler systems
  • Check the washbasins and sinks to ensure that they are not clogged

Parking space

  • Is there sufficient parking space in the building?
  • Are different parking spots adequately marked?
  • Are there are tire screeching marks and more?
  • Look for signs of repairs
  • How convenient is it to get down to the parking lot from different floors
  • Look for lift and exit signs
  • Look out for rodents
  • What is the flooring condition?
  • Is there any graffiti or litter which needs to be taken care of?
  • Look for wall stains, cracks, and fallen chunks for evaluation.

Other important points to remember

  • Check the condition of the windows inside the premises
  • Take a look at the lawns to see how much work it needs
  • Check the condition of the structures like retaining walls and fountains in the lawn
  • Check spaces for storage and recreation thoroughly
  • Look out for marks of rust

Even the slightest element of doubt or concern at any point in the inspection should never be neglected. Keep this checklist handy during the commercial building inspection in New Jersey and save yourself the hassle of buying and managing a poorly maintained building.


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