The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in 2022

A step-by-step guide to detecting bed bugs

A mysterious bite on your shoulder or legs wakes you up in the middle of the night? Is your bedsheet suddenly covered with reddish-brown spots?

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The difference between an introduction and a full-blown infestation can be determined by a thorough inspection and prompt treatment. Detecting and treating a minor bed bug infestation is more cost-effective than dealing with bed bugs in every corner of your bedroom. Minor bed bug infestations, however, are difficult to detect. Checking for bedbugs is important.

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Insects that live in beds are small, flat, oval-shaped insects. An apple seed’s size and shape are similar to those of an adult. In spite of the fact that they do not spread diseases, they crawl from their daytime hiding places to feed on humans at rest during the night. An adult bed bug measures between 6 and 9.5mm in length, but it is visible to the naked eye. The body of a bed bug is usually brown in colour, but it becomes swollen and red after a fresh feeding. Their legs and antennae are similar to those of other insects.

How bed bugs behave

It is easy for bed bugs to hitchhike. Bags, backpacks, purses, and suitcases are often used as transport. It is most common to find bed bugs on and around the bed, but they can be found anywhere that has prolonged human contact. During a ride with a friend or rideshare service, bed bugs can crawl into your bag on an aeroplane, train, or movie theatre. It doesn’t take long for the bed bug nightmare to begin after you bring your bed bug-infested bag into your bedroom.

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Home remedies for bed bugs

Bed bugs are often treated by people themselves. There is a possibility that this can work for a short period of time, but often the infestation will reappear and bed bugs will reappear.

The cost of treating bed bugs yourself can be as costly as calling a pest management professional early on, especially after multiple unsuccessful DIY treatments.

You should speak with a professional pest control company and get a quote. A bed bug treatment can even be financed by some companies. Multiple products, methods, and reapplications are required for successful bed bug treatments.

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Take your time, treat thoroughly, and retreat as often as necessary until there are no signs of bed bugs for at least 30 days if you decide to get rid of bed bugs yourself.

Bed bug treatment for furniture

A bed bug can go months without eating, making them excellent hitchhikers. The bed bugs can infest furniture, especially sofas, recliners, and dressers where people sleep.

Bed Bugs can hide in the smallest of cracks in furniture, so be extremely careful when bringing used furniture into your home. It is usually a sign of a more severe infestation if you have bedbugs in your living room sofa or recliner.

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Follow these tips to rid your furniture of bed bugs with careful inspection and treatment.

Bed bugs prefer to congregate near their hosts (near your bed), according to research. As you sleep, your exhalations release CO2 that attracts them. Bed bugs may have to wander further if there is no room for them on your nightstand or headboard as the infestation progresses. There is a great deal of mobility among bed bugs. In order to eliminate the infestation, you need to get rid of bed bugs in your bedroom furniture. Clearing your furniture of clutter is the first step towards getting rid of bed bugs. To prepare for a professional bed bug treatment, follow our bed bug prep checklist or view our video that we send to our customers: Anything that can be thrown away should be sealed in a plastic bag, and taken outside as soon as possible.


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