There’s Room for Furniture Even in the Smallest Spaces

Condos and apartments are getting smaller with a rising demand for more vertical communities within major cities. This poses a challenge for many individuals living in these cities who want to make their home a comfortable place to live in. Fortunately, with a few design tricks, you can maximize your small space into exactly what you need it to be.

Change perspectives

Living in a small home or space can be a challenge. You do not have to experience it firsthand to understand this frustration. The good news is that half the difficulty of living in a small space is the perspective. Once you realize this, you can move forward and turn it into an incredibly rewarding experience. You just have to understand that there is no room for excess and that everything must serve a purpose. This understanding is the first step to successfully thriving in a small space. The second thing that you will quickly learn is that every little bit of empty space will be used as well. From this point you are able to turn your space into the cozy home of your dreams.

Create the illusion of space

Whether it is a dorm room, apartment, or just a small room in the house that you want to utilize, one of the best defences against limited space is to create the illusion of it. There are a number of tricks you can use to deceive the eye into thinking the space is larger than it actually is.

Unify colours

A simple way to transform a small space is to ensure that the colour pallete is uniform. This means that all of the hues within the room should be variations of one if not the same colour. Different bold colours will only break up the room into smaller sections, while similar shades and colours will unite the whole space. As well, be sure to use light colours as they are more reflective and can make your room look big.


It’s no surprise that clutter is the enemy of small rooms. Make a habit of regularly decluttering the room by getting rid of unnecessary items and just general cleaning. This strategy might sound simple but it will do wonders for the space.

Think vertically

When living in a small apartment or room, it is easy to look around yourself and contemplate how you are going to make the area work for you—but don’t forget to look up. It’s easy to forget that there are actually eight corners in a room rather than four, and this can make a significant difference.

Taller, not wider

This is a simple idea that will take you far with a small space, especially when it comes to storage. For instance, if there are many books that require a bookshelf, do not assume that a wide one is the right choice. Go for a tall one instead. This way, you are utilizing the height of the room while saving valuable floor space. It can even become a dramatic visual touch for the overall appearance of the room. This strategy can easily be applied to a number of other cases like pantries, wardrobes, and more.


An important rule to remember is to avoid heavy and bulky furniture. This will make the place look more cluttered. Instead, opt for furniture that sits on legs. This includes sofas with legs as well as coffee tables and entertainment units. The legs elevate the living room furniture while also lending them a lighter appearance and the illusion of height. This contributes to a more spacious atmosphere overall.

Maximize Accessibility and Capacity

Marry storage and space solutions

When you’re living with limited space, you have to be smart about storage. Once you’ve gone through everything and eliminated items which are not necessary, it is time to figure out the best storage methods. The good news is that there many tactics available, and below are two of the funnest strategies methods:


If you can turn storage into an aesthetic piece, then why not? It can be as simple as mounting a fun geometric shelving system onto the wall. Not only does it look hip, it also serves a very pragmatic purpose and gives you storage space. You can store books, knick-knacks, kitchen appliances, or anything else that you can think of on it. You can also store pots and pans in your kitchen by hanging them on wall racks.

Hidden storage

This is a good idea for any household, not only those living in small homes. You can find seating or a coffee table that is hollow inside to store anything you need. From clothing to bedding, there’s always something for it to hold. Due to the demand for this kind of storage, these furniture pieces are easily available online and in stores. And it’s easy to find something that suits your home and your needs.

Introduce mirrors

Mirrors are one of the oldest tricks in the book for creating an illusion of space. That being said, they are one of the most effective ways to do exactly that. Mirrors reflect light which makes any space feel larger, while also reflecting the room itself back at the viewer. These reflections automatically make the whole room appear larger than it would otherwise. Not only that, mirrors come in various designs to help you create a statement. For instance, a wall-sized mirror would be a dramatic statement piece which would automatically double the size of the room’s appearance.

Live large

Never forget that good things can come in small packages. With a little planning and decor, you can ‘live large’ and enjoy a smaller space.


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