These are definitely some interesting times that we live in

Although hope does seem to appear on the horizon, there is no doubt that many things have changed. 

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Including, where most of us want to live these days.

The real estate market took a big nose dive because of the pandemic and monthly rentals keep on getting lower in price. This has affected seasoned home owners and first time buyers planning to leave the nest.

One amazing new change that occurred because of this was people moving into so called ‘rural’ cities. 

Just because housing is more affordable in these areas. Some took things to the next level and went straight for cabin ownership. 

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That’s right. Living in the woods in a rustic wooden cabin.

Especially in Northern BC and parts of Vancouver, Canada. 

Same thing in the US (Portland recently) and Europe as well. People who never thought they would live away from the city are now buying full family sized cabins in somewhat isolated places.

That said, contrary to popular belief, cabins are not as ‘old’ or ‘outdated’ as people thought before. Cabins today are a perfect blend of modern technology and 5 star amenities.

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In most cases, perhaps a 5 or 10 minute drive away from a full on grocery store and other necessities of life as wel..

If you live in nature, have access to modern facilities and are surrounded by a peaceful environment, would you really miss the city? 

Well to each its own but let’s see what you should look for when purchasing a cabin.

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Build History

When it comes to buying a cabin, build history is very important. After all, you want to know which company built it (Could be hand built by the owner as well) and how experienced they are. 

This will help you not only avoid any future construction related mishaps, but a phone call to the builders in case of an issue can be resolved right away too.

The more experienced the builder is, the better off you are going to be. 

They can also tell you more details like what type of wood was used and any other construction materials so you can take care of things and most importantly, maintain things the right way.

Septic Tank

A modern cabin usually comes with a septic tank. For you city slickers, a septic tank takes care of the waste that is created in a washroom or toilet. So make sure before you buy a cabin, it does come with a septic tank. 

You can always just have an outhouse but that won’t be very modern. Especially if you have kids.

Also good rule of thumb, do not flush anything besides regular human waste and toilet paper when connected to septic tank. They are only designed to break down such waste and nothing more. If your septic tank gets messed up, your time at the cabin will really suck. 

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Although this seems like common sense, it’s always a good idea to not to flush weird things down the toilet. No matter where you live.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

This is a very important point. If you live in nature, you must be aware of what’s around you. 

What kind of plants, wildlife and seasonal patterns of the area. It’s not like you’re living in an apartment where no matter what happens outside, it won’t effect you.

Well when you live in a cabin, you have to be a tad bit more aware than usual. After all, you are now in nature so you must have respect for what it has to offer.

First and foremost, make sure you are aware of any possible poisonous plants. Most likely, you probably don’t even have them but it’s always best to ask around.

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Next thing you know you are eating something that looks like berries but it’s actually some toxic weird substance. Don’t want to be getting into any kind of trouble like that now do you?

So make sure you talk to your local real estate agent about the plants, wildlife and any other rules and regulations that you might be aware of.

Bottom line, living in a cabin just 15 to 20 minutes away from the city is a dream of most people. 

Who doesn’t want a space where they can unwind for a few days and get completely connected with nature?

Have you ever tried cooking in and on a fire stove? It’s pure heaven.

Well now imagine living at a place like that full time.

Exactly . . .


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