Things that you shouldn’t get pressure washed

A pressure washing process plays a vital role in maintaining one’s home. However, as a homeowner, you mustn’t get carried away.

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Often people want to get everything outside their home pressure washed without knowing whether the process is beneficial or not. 

If you have any queries about this cleaning process, you can contact an expert service provider. To know more about this, you can check out a pressure wash company in Springboro, Ohio. However, if you want to know about what you shouldn’t pressure wash, refer to the following list. 

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  1. Wood siding

Even though it’s possible to power wash a wood siding correctly, you have the scope to force under and up the external surface if the water pressure is high. And when the water gets beneath the siding, it can cause damage to the electrical wiring, insulation and also result in mold growth. It can also cause a dent in the vinyl and aluminum siding. Hence, you need to know about the apt processes first when planning to pressure wash the siding. 

  1. Electrical meters and panels

Don’t pressure wash the fixtures housing electricity. It can include the home exterior or the yard. Even though it was designed to withstand rainstorms, the pressure washing can force the water inside crevices and cracks, creating damages and expensive repairs. 

  1. Air conditioners

If you want to clean an air-conditioning unit, you shouldn’t opt-in for pressure washing. The intense water flow can crush or bend the thin fins and limit airflow, reducing the unit’s life. Instead, straighten the cooling fins with a butter knife and opt-in for a vacuum and gentler water flow to wash the debris. 

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels
  1. Asphalt shingles

You shouldn’t pressure wash the roof if there are asphalt shingles. It’s because water pressure strips the granules that secure the roof. Also, making use of the pressure washer at a high place might be dangerous. The powerful spray wand recoil can throw you off a ladder and off-balance if you squeeze the trigger. 

  1. Lead paint

It would help if you didn’t ever move away lead paint with pressure washing. The lead paint needs to get carefully contained as you remove it instead of blasting it in the air and encompassing surfaces. 

  1. Living things

You shouldn’t pressure wash plants, humans, and pets. The water force generating from the pressure washer can lead to physical harm, penetrating the skin and destroying the plants. Also, while pressure washing the apt surfaces; make sure to wear security glasses to secure your eyes from any debris. 

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  1. Old mortar

A pressure washer will cause damage to the weathered brick houses and other landscaping surfaces that have mortar. The loose material can get blasted away on the old structures because of pressure washing on an increased setting. Hence, other than the pressure washer, use any different process for cleaning hard water stains from the brick. 

  1. Painted surfaces that you want to stay intact

The process of pressure washing will chip the pain from the majority of the surface. Hence, it’s best to use low-pressure water flow to clean painted items for your painted outdoor furniture and porch floor. 

These are essential things that you should keep in mind not to pressure wash when you opt-in for it. 


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