Things to consider while shortlisting furnace installation companies in Rochester, MN

Looking for a company to install your new furnace? Keep in mind that not all furnace installation companies are equal. There are several things you should ask several furnace installation companies in Rochester, MN before hiring them.

1) Can they give proof of liability insurance? They may be insured through their trade association, but this is no good if the contractor goes out of business or disappears, leaving you with no recourse.

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2) Do they require a down payment before starting work? This may indicate that the contractor will not get permits and that you will have to pay for any fines associated with code violations caused by their work.

3) If something goes wrong, can they back up their work with a warranty? Make sure it includes parts as well as labor costs – some companies will use cheap parts to save money, only to have you pay again if they fail.

4) Do they replace existing venting? If so, with what? Most companies cannot legally replace old galvanized metal vents with new plastics – the difference in heat transfer is too great, causing the increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire. 

5) Are all permits obtained by the company? Fines can be levied against you for any work done without proper permitting and inspections; some contractors do not want to go through this process and simply hire other companies to obtain permits on their behalf without your knowledge and then bill you afterward.

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6) What type of guarantee comes with the installation? Most companies offer at least a one-year guarantee on parts and labor; check that it is not just for work done during installation, but also for any problems caused by their equipment.

7) Will they follow up with inspections after the installation is complete? If so, how often? Some companies will simply ignore any inspection requests or tell you that inspectors are not interested in checking over furnace installations – this is patently false!

8) Review the warranty with your supplier to make sure it covers all aspects of your new furnace. Furnace manufacturers sometimes sell extended warranties which contain items that are already covered under existing warranties.

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9) Make sure applicants have relevant experience with furnace service in Rochester, MN. Ask what they’ve installed previously when they were installed, efficiencies of these systems, and any problems in operation. Many companies will use questionable tactics to make older equipment appear more efficient to sell; for example, without proper testing, an 80%-efficient furnace could be sold as a 95%-efficient one because the manufacturer’s rating is based on the higher-than-ambient outdoor temperature.

10) Ask if they deal in new equipment only. Some companies use refurbished equipment or older models which have been removed from service by other contractors because of ongoing problems.

11) Are you getting the best price? Ask for a written estimate – some unscrupulous companies will not give you one, but simply quote a high price on the phone to get your business and then come out with an equally high estimate that can be difficult to verify before work begins. It is perfectly normal for several contractors to provide estimates before installation, so don’t agree to any without checking them over carefully first.

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12) Will they explain the system to you while it is being installed? Most furnaces are fairly simple, but their controls can vary widely between model types – for example, some ‘comfort’ models have a second stage which is designed for colder weather. Not knowing the difference could lead to equipment damage and poor comfort when it’s cold outside.

13) Will they clean up well? Check that all work areas are well-swept before leaving, not just the site where new venting or furnaces were installed. Remove tarps after installation is complete – if they leave them in place for more than a few days you may have to pay disposal costs yourself!

14) Do they dispose of old parts and materials properly? Ensure the contractor disposes of used oil, freon, and other chemicals legally and safely – these can cause severe environmental problems if improperly handled.

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