Things to keep in mind before hiring a mold removal service

If your property is infested with mold, then you need immediate intervention.

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Keep in mind that mold growth can lead to scary effects on your health. Molds not only look bad but cause physical symptoms if inhaled like irritation, wheezing, and asthma. This is why the safest thing to do is to choose a professional mold removal company. A quick internet search will reveal that there are several mold removal services in your area. But choosing which one is the best shouldn’t be a complicated affair if you follow the following list of tips to make the right choice. 

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Look into experience

You should always gauge a mold removal company’s expertise by the years of experience in offering the service. A firm with a proper experience like Pure Maintenance’s mold remediation services will have familiarity with all types of mold and the removal strategies. Always inquire about the company’s technicians to know the necessary details regarding their training and expertise. It would help if you also looked into the licensing and service certification before signing the contract. Consider Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc for safe and efficient mold removal – but do your research first.

Know more about services on offer

Mold remediation companies handle all types of mold removal, but there are always specific services on offer. Mold companies are known to handle water damage and restoration and fix leaky pipes and water fixtures. Some services also offer extensive testing before and after mold removal to ensure this won’t become a recurring issue. Mold companies might also handle the general restoration of your property along with cleaning-up, structure salvation, and repair. Hiring a service that offers you all the services together is a great idea. 

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Ask for a written quote

Mold issues can often end up more complicated than first guessed. This is why many firms will first do a thorough inspection and testing to assess the damage and the restoration required. Once the review completes, the firm will be able to present you with a proper quote. Make sure you are not signing up based on just the first phone call. And, regarding the quotation, make sure you ask for a written quote with itemized prices. A written quotation will allow you to avoid the unwelcome surprise of hidden charges after completing the project.

Check the reputation of the service

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Every mold remediation service will tell you that they are the best, but you need to look for real proof and not just the words. That is why you need to look for positive testimonials from past customers. Before you start to look for a service, ask your friends, family members, and neighbors for recommendations on mold removal services. If you are looking for impartial opinions, then head over to the firm’s online handles to gauge the overall reputation. Leverage the online rating sites and the social media handles to get an idea about the expertise. 

Ask about the insurance

Lastly, never hire a mold removal service without proper insurance. Check the liability coverage and the worker’s compensation insurance before signing on the dotted line.

Follow our tips to choose the right mold remediation service. 


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