Things to look for while hiring quality cleaning service

You wouldn’t entrust any random doctor with your healthcare, would you? If the answer is a resounding “no,” you would also have the same opinion regarding a cleaning service. You cannot invite anyone into your home or office.

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You need reassurances before trusting a stranger with the keys to your property. Solid reputation, stellar reviews, and brilliant communication skills are some of the hallmarks of a professional cleaning service. 

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Why hire a cleaning service?

In residential properties, families do not have the time to perform the household chores and cleaning. So, a professional cleaner is the need of the hour. It makes a lot of sense for commercial buildings to hire a service like the commercial cleaners at Fresh Maids. However, it all comes down to how astute your choice is regarding selecting the cleaning service. 

Here are the top aspects of a professional and reputable cleaning service. 

Reviews and street credibility

A professional and hassle-free cleaning service is like an asset for homeowners and office buildings. So, all you need to do is ask around. Once you have exhausted the resources close about, you need to leverage the internet and scour the posting boards for testimonials and reviews regarding local commercial cleaning services. Here are the main factors you need to check about the service.

  • Trust factor
  • Punctuality
  • Work ethic
  • Workload and availability
  • Skills
  • Overall professionalism
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Ability to communicate

Right from the first time you talk, the cleaning service should build a rapport with you. The initial feel-good and trust factor is critical before going down the contract path. Remember to ask your questions, including the following.

  • Details about the rate
  • Bonding and insurance status
  • Experience and expertise of the workforce
  • Tools and cleaning supplies
  • Home access, duration, and pet management

Licensed and insured

It is quite needless to repeat; still, remember to always employ a bonded and insured service for any work at your property. It will prevent unwelcome surprises down the line if something unfortunate happens. Also, enquire about the licenses and work permits before finalizing the deal. 

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Services on offer

Professional cleaning service also performs routine maintenance work every week or every other month. Or, are you looking for a deep cleaning service once every 6-months? Whatever you have in mind, ask your questions to the service officials right at the start. It makes a lot of sense to hire a service that can offer flexible services, as and when required. 

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About the workforce situation

According to the market demand, cleaning services can train and employ a team of workers or hire independent workers. While the former is the professional approach, the latter can be anyone from your local janitor to the cousin or friend of the guy you brokered the deal with. With experts, you have a guarantee of quality work. So, make sure that your service offers you the best in terms of the cleaning team.

Don’t stop asking your questions till you are satisfied. Hire only after making sure of all the points as mentioned above. 


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