Things you need to check before turning your AC on this summer

Summers are almost here, and for those residing in the warmer region, air conditioning is a must. However, the technology that is air conditioning does come with a few precautions to be taken. If these aren’t taken, an AC blowout or breakdown could follow, making things very uncomfortable for you.

Ac units usually should last for about a decade, maybe more. It’s also quite a costly investment, so make sure you do the following things before turning it on this summer:

1. Make a Habit of Changing Filters:

Filters should be changed regularly every month or every two months, regardless of whether your AC unit is being used or not. Care during the winter months could bring about fewer regrets when it’s time to use the AC unit during the summers. The filter type itself is what determines the amount and frequency of cleaning it needs. Be sure to do your research or check with the vendor when you’re buying the AC unit.

Additionally, filters should be changed altogether, preferably every three months. This is especially important if you keep pets.

2. Clean the indoor vents as well as the outer unit:

Clean your AC units from inside and outside, just like your do with windows. The indoors part is where the air blows out, so a load of dust collects in these vents. The outdoor unit is exposed to the outside elements anyway but is essential for your AC maintenance. Hence, make sure to give those parts a thorough regular cleaning as well. There should be no dirt in the nooks and crannies of the outdoors vent especially.

3. Clean the Drainage Pipe:

The drainage pipe could accumulate sludge, slime, grime, or other rubbish that could clog it up. You can purchase the useful wet-dry shop vacuum to make sure that your pipe is cleaned so that air can move along as smoothly as possible. All you have to do it attach it to the end of the drainage pipe and vacuum out the debris that is blocking it.

4. Clear the Condensing Unit:

Your condensing unit should not be covered or obstructed by anything. Once you remove the AC covers, make sure there are no insects making a home underneath. Mold is another problem caused by covers in the winter months, as is rust. Check for all these nuisances, and remove them before you even thinking about turning on your trusty AC.

5. Set your Timer:

Timers can help to conserve energy, thereby saving money and the environment at the same time. Go Green Heating and Air conditioning! Make sure to set your timer and that it works before turning on your AC for the summer.


You can use Google calendar, your email, or your smartphone calendar to set the reminder for cleaning out your AC filters and drainage pipes. It also wouldn’t hurt to routinely check under the AC covers for any potential problem blooming or nesting underneath. If one follows all these tips, a nice, cool home with a reliable AC unit is in their summer future!


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