Things You Need to Know About Setting Up Your Inflatable Hot Tub Indoor

Surely amid this pandemic, you cannot think of going to the spa, but how badly do you want one? Even if you want one in your own home, you may find building a permanent one a hassle, especially if you are living in a rental home.

As such, inflatable hot tubs could be your best option to enjoy your favorite hot bath whenever and almost wherever you wish.

Inflatable hot tubs are handy and can be set up anywhere inside your home as long as the surface is flat and the space has a water supply and drainage system in it. Plus, they are also portable, so you can change the placement according to your mood as well.

Setting up an inflatable hot tub is easy, even when it is indoors. You just need to remember some certain things while setting it up to ensure that you are doing it right enough to protect yourself from a messy situation.

Find A Suitable Location

There are a number of points to be considered while choosing a place to set up your hot tub, including:

  1. Convenient water supply and drainage system.
  2. Type of flooring that is less likely to be harmed by the water.
  3. Adequate ventilation.
  4. The base of the space should be strong enough to carry the weight of the tub when it is filled and active.

Once you find a space with all of these facilities, it is important to clean it thoroughly before you start setting up your hot tub. Make sure there are no sharp objects on the floor or around that can somehow harm your tub and end up flooding your house.

Read the Owner’s Manual Thoroughly

Before you go ahead and up the tub on your own, it’s important that you have a detailed reading of your owner’s manual. The more you learn about your product, the easier it will be to handle it. People tend to skip this step thinking it’s just a formality, but it is not.

As a matter of fact, someone can eventually damage the product while setting it up without even knowing. Then again, some may unnecessarily waste hours messing around with parts as many times, things don’t come out as simple as they may appear.  

Nonetheless, even a silly mistake due to ignorance can make you buy the whole product once again, and these nuisances can be easily avoided by reading your owner’s manual. However, watching tutorial videos also can help you a great deal, so watch them in addition to reading the manual for a better understanding.

Unbox Your Tub and Get Things Arranged

Get your inflatable tub out from the box. Check the manual to ensure that all the parts are there, and organize them neatly to have them all handy. Next, open the tub and place it where it is supposed to stand. Now, safely connect the inflation valve to the liner to start inflating your tub.

Inflate the Tub

Read the instructions once again, keep it open in front of you, and follow it step by step if you are not feeling very confident. However, these hot tubs usually come with a pump that will help you inflate the tub. Your first step would be to plug in the pump.

Once it’s plugged in, fasten the inflation hose to both the tub and the pump. Now, switch on the pump and start inflating the spa portions. Do it one by one if there are various sections that need to be inflated.

Attach the Filter

Take the filter and thrust it into the covering. After that, wrench the sheath onto the outlet valve and fuse. The filter is usually located near the bottom inside of the tub.

Fill Your Tub With Water

If you have placed your tub in a space where you can easily access your hose, it would be really easy to fill it up. Or you may use your hose pipe attaching with your basin tap.

However, if you are unsure of the required amount for the water you need to pour in, look for a mark inside of the tub wall for an indication.

Get Inside Your Tub and Enjoy

Now that your hot tub is set and ready, surely you can’t wait to inaugurate it! Get inside and get comfortable. The heat knob should be on the pump, so locate the knob and press it. You can adjust your water temperature according to your preference.

According to industry standards, 104°C is a safe level to enjoy your hot tub, which is usually the optimum heating point in most hot tubs. Still, rather than making an assumption, it’s better to check the manual so you can avoid any chance of overheating.

A Few Things to Remember

1. Take Care of Your Floor

It’s not possible to stop the water drops from falling off on your floor when you get in or out of your tub. In such cases, it’s better to avoid installing your tub on wooden or carpeted floors.

However, you can also handle the situation if you need to by using a towel on the floor to soak up any water before it can damage the floor underneath. 

2. Ensure Ventilation

When you use steam in an open spa indoor, if there is not enough ventilation, then the steam gets stuck in the room, causing dampness in your room and ending up damaging your ceiling and walls. Therefore, make sure to keep the windows open as you use your hot tub.

3. Ensure Strength and  Balance of the Ground

Make sure the floor is steady and perfectly able to handle the weight while the tub is active. As a matter of fact, the tub gets really heavy when you fill it with water. If the floor is not stable enough to support this weight, it can cause an awful accident.

4. Do Not Over Inflate

Be careful while inflating your tube; make sure you are not overdoing it. You must avoid overinflating to stay away from damages like leaking or ripping your tub, which can happen immediately after inflating it too much.

It can also result in the deformation of your tub when filled with water, due to the stiffness of its walls with too much air.

5. Maintain Your Tub and The Water Quality

Sanitize your water with chemicals and keep the pH level in the right range to keep it healthy and safe for your skin. You must also maintain your inflatable hot tub properly after each use to stop it from producing harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness.

As you use your tub, ensure the healthy management of the disinfection, recirculation, and filtration set-up using proper pool chemicals to enjoy a risk-free and well-maintained hot tub each time. 


Having a hot tub in your home can be beneficial in many ways. A hot tub is a very healthy and comforting thing to have for your body and mind, and your indoor hot tub makes it easy for you to enjoy it anytime you want, thus making it a type of stress relief from this looming pandemic. 

Get yourself an inflatable hot tub and treat yourself with a spa in your own home. Stay safe and stress-free. 


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