This Is How Can Louvres Be Integrated Into Different Parts Of Your Home

Louvres have been around for a very very long time. You may remember them as old, rusty structures from the 1930s. But these structures have been developed by the latest quality to guarantee people a useful product that will last them a lifetime. These structures are a sustainable way to cut down heating and cooling costs and hence, are becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners.. 

Louvres are stylish, multi-functional and can also increase the value of the property. They can be an elegant addition to your property. 

Traditionally, louvres were associated with windows. But with the rapid changes occurring in the interior design industry, various architects and designers worked together to integrate the louvre design into various areas of the home. This triggered a revolution; people started to expect much more customization and personalization in the products offered to them, because of which manufacturers started creating custom-made and ready-made louvres for different parts of the property.

Louvres were then known for the various perks they offered. They were durable, environment-friendly, provided privacy, and allowed air to flow through the room. They were perfect for anybody wanting to boost the value of their home. 

If you are also someone looking to give your home an elegant look, louvres could be the design for you. That being said, here are some ways in which louvres can be integrated into different parts of the home. 

Louvred Windows

Louvred windows or Jalousie windows are the most common way in which louvres can be incorporated in a property. These are composed of parallel glass, acrylic or wooden panels set in a frame. There are various ways in which you can use louvred windows in your property.

  • Inside the bedroom, with curtains and blinds, to offer natural light and air along with the desired privacy.
  • In walkways and corridors for internal ventilation.
  • Inside the kitchen, to quell the hot environment, and for some ventilation.
  • Inside the bathrooms, for natural air to pass through.
  • Inside the laundry room, for a lovely view of the exteriors.
  • In the living and dining room, to let fresh air and natural light in, and a beautiful view of the outside.

Louvre Roofs

Louvre roofs are the fancy addition to the application of the louvre design. Opening roof systems provide homeowners with multiple benefits – they are a versatile shading solution; provide complete rain protection; offer excellent insulation benefits for outdoors and indoors, and protect furnishings from fading outdoors. 

Here are a few ways of integrating louvred roofs.

  • Get patio connected louvred roofs. They can offer sunshine and be a great shading solution.
  • If you have a swimming pool surrounded by glass walls, cover the swimming area with a louvred roof. It can offer enough sunshine during the day and starlit sky view at night.
  • You can also add a louvred roof to your bedroom. Just make sure that they can be closed, when needed. 

Louvre Doors

Louvre doors make your property look extremely beautiful. The elegance is amplified when the frames are composed of aluminium. Aluminium is versatile and can be shaped to match your liking and requirement, without much difficulty.

When looking for louvre doors in Adelaide, you can customize the way you want them. 

  • You can get the whole door made in the louvre design, or 
  • You could go half and half; get the top part made in louvre design and keep the base of the door solid.

Here you have them – some of the common parts of the home, where you can integrate the louvre design. Apart from this, you can have louvred balcony sidings. Whichever way you like, you can get them customized and incorporate the louvre design. 


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