Three Unusual Ways to Furnish a Home

Typically if you have a room, home or other space to furnish you go to the shop, or online, choose what you want, order it, and wait for it to be delivered. This is the most common approach, but it is far from the only way to do it. Below we give you some other easy options.

Buy ex showhome furniture

If you are lucky, you can find showhome furniture for sale in your area. Across the country, there are companies that provide developers with the furniture, soft furnishings, and other items they need to show off their new properties, and tempt people to buy. Many of these leasing companies also offer a similar service to landlords who want to make their rooms; homes and flats look as attractive as possible to prospective tenants.

Often this furniture is barely used. However, developers and landlords need to dress their properties in the latest style if they want to stand any chance of it appealing to modern consumers. As a result, the firms that lease out this furniture replace it every few months. When they do that, many sell the old stuff to the public at a huge discount. Buying it is a great way to get your hands on high quality, stylish furniture that has barely been used.

Turn to your nearest re-cycling centre

In most countries, furniture re-cycling is popular. Often these organisations are run on a not for profit basis, which means that they charge very little, if anything, for the furniture they are given.

The way it typically works is that people who have unwanted sofas, wardrobes, and other items give them a ring. They then either pick the furniture up, or list it on their website.

People who are looking for sofas, sideboards, chairs and other items then browse the website or give them a ring to find out what is available. If they find something suitable, they then come and pick the item up or the recycling organisation arranges delivery for a small fee.

If you live near a large city, you will find plenty of choice. It is a good way to furnish a room on a budget, with the added benefit that you are helping the environment.

Some of the furniture may even be new or barely used. This is because some home decor stores use re-cycling organisations to get rid of any items that they have been unable to sell.

People sometimes buy a new sofa or bed and end up realising after a couple of months that it is not really for them. Sometimes they give these away to re-cycling firms.

You can easily find a recycling facility near you using this link.

Buy second hand

The last option is not that unusual because people have been buying second hand furniture from decades. However, what has changed is how you find these items for sale in your area. Surprisingly, one of the best ways to do so is to use Facebook. Just type in the search term buy and sell and the name of your town area to find them, and get the furniture you need for your home.


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