Tile Trends 2017

We may be more than halfway through the year but there is always time to redecorate your bathroom or kitchen.

Over the recent years tiles have seen a huge surge in interest thanks to their continuing development and manufacturing that means there is now a seemingly unlimited amount of designs available. This makes creating your dream home that little bit easier. In this post the team at Tile Monkey are going to go in to detail about this years tile trends.


Gone are the regular square and rectangle tiles, nowadays tiles of an unusual shape are experiencing a huge wave of interest. In particular the hexagon tile has taken off massively thanks to their contemporary and eye-catching design. Their shape offers a great sense of dimension and can help to create a subtly modern aesthetic. Hexagon tiles look especially incredible when paired with a contrasting grout colour to truly make that unique shape pop.


For years the feature wall was the in demand staple piece of any home. However it seems it is now the turn of the tile. Patterned tiles are a great way of introducing some design and style to your home, especially if you opt for a brightly coloured pattern. Patterns don’t have to be dramatic, there are certainly many pattern tiles on the market that offer you a more subtle and gentle pattern for just a hint of that fluidity without being to in your face. Choosing a pattern tile of colour however will allow you to work with accent colours to build a strong theme throughout your room or home.

Fish Scale/Fan

Similar to a pattern tile the fish scale tile, sometimes known as the fan tile, gives you that same sense of fluidity and motion that for a more exciting tiled wall or floor. The fish scale tile looks gorgeous in bathrooms thanks to its underwater connotations. Pair this tile with oceanic colours such as blues, greens and purples for that truly aquatic look. Topped off with nautical accessories and you’ve got yourself a stunning bathroom that will strike envy in to any interior trendsetter.

Metro Tile

You are likely more than accustomed with the metro tile than you may have first thought. The metro tile is commonly used in hospitals and subway/rail stations thanks to their non-offensive, simple design. Their iconic rectangular high gloss look is particularly notable in the London Underground stations and because of this they nowadays offer that retro, vintage aesthetic. Their bevelled edges give a great definition and add a real sense of dimension to a room. Typically you would install a metro tile horizontally for that classic look, but you can install a metro tile vertically if you’re wanting to shake things up a bit and add a modern twist. The metro tile is an old-timer and as such there are hundreds of different colours and finished on the market.


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