Timber Deck Maintenance – Guide to Maintain Your Timber Deck

Timber is a modest type of wood that is extensively used in outdoor spaces, furniture, patios, and landscaping. It is one of the best investments for homeowners looking to build a new house construction.

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In fact, timber decks are the best functional outdoor living space where you can relax your mind and unwind. It increases the exterior appeal of your house and provides great living space. But no matter the material choice, every material requires maintenance for its long lifespan, durability, and aesthetic appearance. Similarly, timber deck maintenance is also an important and necessary part of any modern, traditional, or custom house.

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  • Deck construction in Melbourne

Timber decks are quite durable with promising strength for long-lasting. It is made from pressure-treated wood that can even withstand wet and icy weather or climatic conditions. Deck construction in Melbourne requires treated lumber, composite material, composite lumber, and aluminium. You can extend your house living space and enhance the exterior appeal easily. 

You can consider decking construction in Melbourne as the best addition to your backyard. It is a perfect alternative to the stone features in your garden. Here you will learn about some maintenance tips, wear and tear reasons, and the importance of maintaining timber decks. 

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  • Why should one maintain the timber deck?

Maintaining a timber deck requires strenuous efforts from your end. You should select the best timber for decking as it adds some value to your existing property and enhances aesthetic appeal. Here are a few reasons to maintain a timber deck:

  • Enhance property value – It is a natural extension to your house, and you can improve the fencing and increase property value and street appeal. The decks are built for a perfect landscape appearance. It is a perfect place for meetings, discussions, get-togethers, and spending some quality time with your family. The timber decks attract many buyers that are ready to purchase your property without negotiation at a quoted price. 
  • Health and safety reasons – Rainwater can cause mould, mildew, and algae to form at the surface and make it slippery. Senior citizens and kids might slip over it and get injuried. Timber deck maintenance will help avoid such problems in your house. 
  • Lifespan – Proper care and maintenance will improve the lifespan of your timber decks. You can clean the stains and protect them from harsh weather to avoid early damage and reduced lifespan. 
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Small maintenance checks can ensure the long life of your timber deck. You can get a regular inspection of the deck and get it repaired by professional experts. Ensure that the wood doesn’t rot or develop cracks for instant replacement or repair. 

  • What are the reasons that cause wear and tear to the decks?

The timber deck can be affected and get damaged for various reasons. Outdoor space is more prone to climatic and weather changes. You can use plastic timber decking for weatherproof outdoor space. Any wooden furniture, decks, or structures have the chance to get damaged from rainwater and the sun’s heat. 

The splintered wood and holes are also the major reason for the wear and tear of the deck. Holes can be a great shelter for the wood insects or termites present in garden or backyard areas. Wood decays as the insects make the wood hollow from the inside. Sometimes heavy weight over the decks can develop cracks and make the deck inefficient for long-term use. 

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  • 5 Ways How To Maintain Timber Deck

A timber deck can be maintained with perfect style and you can also prefer plastic timber decking for waterproofing. It can improve the lifespan of your timber deck and make it easy to maintain for the long term. 

  1. Regular cleaning – Regular cleaning doesn’t allow any dirt, dust, and debris to accumulate and make the place messy. You can regularly clean the surface to keep it safe and in perfect condition. 
  1. Inspection – It is quite important to regularly check and inspect your timber deck. You can get your timber deck inspected and get it repaired at its initial stage. 
  1. Paint or stain the timber – You can paint and stain the best timber for decking with attractive shades. Paint a fresh colour or deep stain to make the timber deck look beautiful. 
  1. Avoid wear and tear – It is best to protect the timber deck from any wear and tear. You can avoid any moisture damage for further long-term use. 
  1. Make necessary repairs – If you notice any minor damage in the timber deck, make necessary repairs as soon as possible. 
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Timber decks look perfect and provide proper structural integrity and finish to your garden. Deck maintenance is quite necessary for proper usage and sustainability. The average deck maintenance cost ranges from $500 to $2500, which is quite affordable. Contact the best professional for inspection, repair, and maintenance tasks. 


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